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Who handwrites things these days? Not many people I'm sure. I'm a big list person so I'm always writing (and rewriting) lists, etc. and I thought it would be fun to do a series of Posts on Pages where Wendy and I will hand write blog posts. Please excuse any messy writing or white out marks :)

The topic of this month's Posts on Pages is
Fav/Autobuy Authors & the formats we buy them in.
See yesterday's post from Wendy.

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Fav/Autobuy Authors
(in no certain order)

-Louisa Edwards
-J.A. Belfield
-Rhiannon Frater
-Maria V. Snyder
-Amanda Carlson
-Brigid Kemmerer
-Cheryl Rainfield

I buy books by my fav authors in hard copy/print format.


  1. LOL I think it is so funny that both you and Wendy have such different fav authors than me!
    I haven't even read any books by any of these!

  2. Thank you so much for including me in your list of authors you autobuy from! It felt so good to see that (smiling at you).

    And you're not alone with handwriting lists. I handwrite lists a lot. BUT I also handwrite all my manuscripts, and then I edit them all by hand, too! I think that it's more connected to my creativity and my intuition, and it just works better for me. Makes my books deeper. :)


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