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Who handwrites things these days? Not many people I'm sure. I'm a big list person so I'm always writing (and rewriting) lists, etc. and I thought it would be fun to do a series of Posts on Pages where Wendy and I will hand write blog posts. Please excuse any messy writing or white out marks :)

The topic of this month's Posts on Pages is Unfinished Series.
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• Vampire Academy (Richelle Mead)
- I am up to book #6 "Last Sacrifice", I just keep putting it off.
• Sisters of the Moon (Yasmine Galenorn)
- I am only a few books behind on this one. Up to book #11 "Shaded Vision".
• Lords of the Underworld (Gena Showalter)
- No reason why I haven't caught up on these yet. Up to book #7 "The Darkest Secret".
• Newsflesh Trilogy (Mira Grant)
- I doubt I will ever continue these. The "shocker" at the end of "Feed" was a complete let down.
• Women of the Otherworld (Kelley Armstrong)
- Again, I am up to the last book and I just don't want it to end. "Thirteen"

**Are there any series you have started but not finished? What about ones you don't plan on continuing?**


  1. The Lords of the Underworld is one my list too, Wen! I've read the first two and really liked them. Just haven't had the time to go further yet.

  2. Oh jeez I'm two books from done on Women of the Otherworld! I need to get on it.


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