What do you like to read?

A friend of mine got me thinking. One of her blog posts asked what are the top 5 subjects you like to read. It took me a few minutes but my response was

1. Military Hero
2. Rock bands
3. Long time best friends turned lovers
4. Books with author MC's or bookish MC's
5. Books with any sort of foodie twist

Since then I've thought of more themes that I really enjoy.

1. Nerdy MC's
2. Sporty MC's
3. Fake fianc├ęs - although this one can be frustrating sometimes
4. When characters are stranded and forced to get to know each other.
5. When two people write to eachother without knowing the other person. Then they realize they know eachother outside of the letters. Guitar Notes is a good example. I hear Brigid Kemmerer is writing a note type of book too which is exciting!
6. Artsy MC's - photography, painting, music, dancing. I love it all
7. I love when tattoos play a role
8. The forbidden boss
9. Road Trips

My reading tastes are constantly changing so if you was me in 6 months my list may be totally different.

What themes do you enjoy?