What Makes You Happy, continued

Making a list like this makes you realize that it’s not always the big things that make you smile or make you feel ‘at peace’, so it’s with that in mind that I start the second half of my list.

51. Walking through the woods
52. Sound of rustling leaves
53. Sound of crackling leaves under your feet
54. Sound of stones grinding together under your feet or car tires
55. Being able to capture a peaceful feeling either through poetry, photography or other art form
56. Sitting along a creek or stream, not doing anything else…just sitting
57. Taking a drive with no specific destination in mind, just driving
58. Feeling inspired
59. Laughing
60. Curling up with a good book and forgetting the world around you
61. Cuddling with someone you love
62. Looking at old photographs
63. Getting mail (other than bills of course)
64. Getting email (other than junk email)
65. Art
66. Reconnecting with old friends on FB
67. Having contacts & being able to actually see clearly
68. Photography, this is on my list twice because I get a lot of joy from it
69. Word Games (boggle, crosswords, etc.)
70. Technology (smartphone, etc.)
71. Surprising people
72. Gift giving
73. Receiving is fun too, haha
74. Making my mark aka blogging
75. Enjoying a beautiful sunset or sunrise
76. Swinging and feeling a cool breeze
77. People pronouncing Strasburg, Ephrata and Lancaster correctly – I know that’s a strange one, but there are so many people that pronounce them incorrectly
78. Eye contact and feeling connected to people
79. Sitting down and resting after a long, hard day
80. I’m a late bloomer and didn’t get my license until I was around 18 so the freedom of driving and being able to get up and go do something when I want
81. Donating to charity
82. The feeling I get when walking out of work at 4:30pm on a Friday afternoon…or before a vacation
83. Getting a figurative pat on the back after doing something good
84. Enjoying a nice quiet evening on our new patio furniture
85. The fun of being someone else for an evening (i.e. Halloween)…too bad I’m too old for trick or treating, haha
86. Finishing a large copying project without any paper jams, interruptions or having to refill any paper!!
87. Learning about things I enjoy
88. Knowing people care about me
89. Beautiful scenery
90. Heights
91. Trying on clothes and having them fit perfectly
92. When I can strike up a conversation (not always the easiest thing for a ‘reserved’ person)
93. My tattoos and thinking of what I want next
94. Finishing a challenging project
95. Having beautiful planted flowers to welcome me every time I come home
96. The feeling of Christmas time
97. Christmas decorations
98. Looking through keepsakes collected through the years
99. When work days going fast and weekends lasting forever
100. There's just certain redlights that I always get stuck at...my 100th thing that makes me happy is when those certain lights are green!
101. Checking things off my bucketlist
102.Being able to come up with 100 things that make me happy! And knowing I could come up with more!

Paranormal Activity - Movie Review

Have you seen Paranormal Activity?

I think the question is, do you believe in ghosts? I don't think we can know for sure whether or not ghosts exist, but things happen...unexplainable things...does that prove the existence of ghosts or spirits? I know a lot of people who strongly believe and I've heard stories on why they believe. I have also watched a few of the 'ghost shows' on tv but overall I try not to think about ghosts too much. Well that was until I saw Paranormal Activity, the movie has two main characters who are filming 'occurrences' in their house. These occurrences get more frequent and more violent as the movie goes on. And the thing going through my mind as I watched it and ever since I watched it is 'this could possibly happen'. I mean if we can't disprove the existence of ghosts how can we say without a doubt that these things are an impossibility?

It is a good movie in the sense that it's jolting and interesting so I recommend you see it...I would also recommend leaving a light in your house if you watch it after dark ;-)

What Makes You Happy?

A while ago a friend of mine blogged a list of the 100 things that make her happy, so I figured, hey why not see what I could come up with. So here goes…

1. Spending time with my hubby
2. Spending time with friends
3. Kayaking
4. Traveling
5. Sound of wood crackling
6. Staring into a fire
7. Cappuccino
8. Sweet coffee
9. Playing with Kirby
10. Walking with Patty
11. Photography
12. Office Supplies
13. Writing
14. Music, Music and More Music
15. Reading
16. Having signed books
17. Having a signed book with my name in it
18. Weekends & Vacations (pretty much any time not working)
19. Knowing I graduated college
20. Knowing I successfully planned my wedding
21. Owning a nice house
22. A clean house!!!
23. Not having to mow the yard!
24. Not being sick
25. Sound of water trickling
26. White Water Rafting
27. Snow Tubing
28. SNOW!
29. Being snowed in…at home!
30. Fall Colors
31. Spring flowers
32. Flowering Trees
33. Pretty much anything to do with water
34. Good hair days
35. Feeling confident
36. Sledding
37. Scrapbooking
38. The feeling of accomplishment after finishing a project
39. Experiencing new things
40. Smell of food grilling, yum
41. Baking
42. Having people enjoy what I make
43. Sleeping in
44. Midday naps
45. Movies
46. Having nice teeth (I went through having braces two years ago, so I’m thrilled to have nice teeth)
47. Feeling appreciated
48. Nature
49. Lines & Patterns
50. Color

I decided to do this list in two posts. So this is of course the first half…the second half is a work in progress.