The Opposite of At Random

I'll keep this short and sweet. I've started a new blog, Z-News! Z-News will pretty much be the opposite of At Random. Don't worry though, At Random is not going away!

I'm still tweaking the design and only have two posts so far (links below) but I'm excited to have it started!

Two Z-News posts:
What's on?

Here's part of the Welcome post to give you an idea on what Z-News will be about.

"Z-News will be a mash up of news, articles, book reviews, movie reviews, and pretty much whatever else I come up with. I will mostly stick to zombies and natural disasters but I may throw in the occasional crazy creature review as well since I have been watching A LOT of Syfy lately. Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda anyone?!"

A Movie & A Book

What do you get when you have a repetitive title, a ton of star cameos, intentional bad acting, bad lines that will go down in history, and ridiculously far-fetched scenes? Only one of the coolest Syfy movies ever! I have a special place in my heart for cheesy movies and Sharknado 2: The Second One has only the best kind of cheese.

After watching Sharknado 2: The Second One, for the second time, I discovered something that made me love the movie even more. How to Survive a Sharknado, which appears twice in the movie, is actually a book!! *Gasp* I knew right away that I had to have it.

The book covers surviving so many crazy (yet absolutely plausible) disasters and creatures. Some examples of chapters in the book are Sharknado, Antdemic, Ice Twister, Swamp Volcano, Piranhaconda, Pteracuda, and Sharktopus. Each section includes a sketch, some background info, tips to surviving each situation, and more.

I highly recommend watching both sharknado movies and reading the book. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in a sharknado or other disaster with no clue how to protect yourself and your loved ones, right!??

And because I like to look out for my readers, I came up with a few additional tips for surviving a Sharknado.

(TIPS INCLUDE MOVIE SPOILERS….and will probably make little to no sense if you haven’t seen the second movie)

If you absolutely must be on a boat or ferry, DO stay away from the railing because…well if you can’t figure out why then there’s proooobably nothing I can say to help you.

DON’T play frogger with sharks! Not everyone is as talented as Fin Shepard so chances are it will not end well.

DO choose your cabbie wisely when in the city as most of them will not be able to make a tow rope magically appear when you need it.

DON’T be a celebrity in the time of a Sharknado! What’s that? You’re not a celebrity? Great! Your chances of survival already increased.

DO visit Vinnie’s Pizza Shop because heeee, he got what you neeeed.

DO start chainsaws and then throw them into the sharknado, because there’s no way that will backfire. Ok ok, I’m totally kidding about this one. Please don’t do it because contrary to popular belief chainsaws do not know the difference between sharks and people.

Hereditary (A Holloway Pack Short Story) Release Day


It's release day for HEREDITARY!

This means a chance to celebrate.

Because HEREDITARY is a FREEEEEEE Holloway Pack short story, which means you can go grab your copy now and not have to pay a penny.

And if you've yet to read the Holloway Pack series? Fear not, because HEREDITARY can be read just as easily as a standalone. So, you, too, can go grab your copy now.

Here's what it's all about:


The trouble with one-night stands: you never know who—or what—you’re sleeping with.
Being a parent isn’t an easy ride. Even more so for single mum Shelley Lewis.
When her thirteen year old son’s hormones kick in, she’s faced with his immense growth, insane sweat, and ridiculous hairiness, not to mention all the normal teenage issues.
Discovering her only son isn’t human on top of those is the shock of a lifetime, and Shelley knows she’s the only one to blame.
It may be too late to save her son from her mistakes, but she can still try to save Gabe from himself.
For fans of J.A. Belfield’s Holloway Pack series, Hereditary is a look back at the origins for characters met in Resonance.

Release Date: August 13th 2014

Grab your copy!

KindleButton EpubButton

Pssst, if you visit J.A. Belfield's post, you can listen to her read a short passage, too!

But before you vanish, be sure to enter below in the celebratory giveaway to win a pair of signed Caged bookmarks ....

AND a $10 Amazon GC.


Hey, maybe you can use it to add MORE Holloway Pack to your eReader. ;)

Good luck.

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A woman on a mission...

I’m on a mission. On a mission to watch as many new to me zombie movies as I can. Why? I’m not really sure other than the fact that I like them *shrugs*. It’s also kind of interesting to see the different angles the movies take. Some vary the types of zombies or how they act, some how the zombies came about, some the location (i.e. if the survivors travel to find safety or remain stationary), some…well you get the point. Even though I watched 7 zombie movies this weekend (yes, you read that right…7) and a total of 20 something overall I, surprisingly, don’t feel like I’m seeing the same movie over and over.

I thought about setting a goal for my ‘mission’…maybe one per week for the rest of the year or trying to aim for a certain overall number but ultimately I decided against it. I will just go with the flow and see where it takes me.

I have 7 more movies on standby but I’ll need to restock at some point…probably sooner rather than later the way I’m going.

Zombie movies I’ve seen in order by release year. I know I’m missing at least one but I haven’t figured out which one…yet.
1.       Night of the Living Dead – 1968
2.       The Return of the Living Dead - 1985
3.       Death Becomes Her - 1992
       hhmm, does this one qualify?
4.       Resident Evil - 2002
5.       28 Days Later - 2002
        I don’t really remember this one so I may need to rewatch sometime
6.       Shaun of the Dead – 2004
7.       Dawn of the Dead - 2004
8.       Resident Evil: Apocalypse - 2004
9.       Land of the Dead - 2005
10.   Resident Evil: Extinction - 2007
       I really need to catch up on the Resident Evil movies before the new one releases this fall!
11.   Zombieland - 2009
12.   Dead Snow - 2009
13.    The Dead - 2010
14.   The Crazies - 2010
15.   The Terror Experiment - 2010
16.   Mimesis - 2011
17.   Zombie Apocalypse - 2011
18.   Detention of the Dead - 2012
19.   Rise of the Zombies - 2012
20.   A Little Bit Zombie - 2012
21.   Warm Bodies - 2013
22.   The Demented – 2013
23.   World War Z - 2013

Movies I plan to see at some point
(bold = movies I have)

Dawn of the Dead – 1978
Zombi 2 – 1979
Re-animator – 1985
Dead Alive – 1992
Dead Meat – 2004
Isolation – 2005
Fido - 2006 (Thanks for the rec Karen :))
I am Legend – 2007
Quarantine – 2008
Dance of the Dead - 2008
Pontypool – 2008
I Sell the Dead – 2008
Doghouse – 2009
The Horde – 2009
Autumn – 2009
Resident Evil: Afterlife – 2010
The Divide – 2011
Resident Evil: Retribution – 2012
Kill Zombie – 2012
Cockneys vs Zombies – 2012
ParaNorman – 2012
The Dead 2: India – 2013
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – 2014
Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead – 2014

What are your thoughts on zombie movies?
Do you think I’m insane for watching 7 in one weekend (it’s ok if you do, lol)?

Have you seen any zombie movies you can recommend to others? Or any I can add to my list?


Random parting thought: I had strange dreams last night…can’t imagine why.


Fan Art Up (3)

Fan Art Up button
Fan Art Up! is a weekly feature hosted by Tabitha @ Not Yet Read. It is dedicated to showcasing our Fan Art inspired by entertainment media, whether it’s Books, Movies, Anime, Comics, etc. Or just random doodles you created not inspired by anything! Break out those dusty art supplies!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Disclaimer: Before you continue through this post please know that, although it may not appear so, I am of sound mind.
It all started with a trip to Michaels Craft Store.
I didn't really need anything so I just picked up a couple random things.

That's where the normalcy ended. I was munching on my yummy circus peanuts and then I had an idea (be afraid)...
Circus Peanut People!!! It started innocently enough...
Then I decided to use the peanuts themselves...
One of the peanuts wanted some orange balloons...
...he was never seen again. :(
Two others decided to join the circus (get it, circus peanuts?)
That also didn't end well...

The moral of this twisted's not easy being a marshmallow.



Christmas in July HOP Winner

The winner of the box of Christmas books is...
Congrats Mary!! I've emailed you.