A Movie & A Book

What do you get when you have a repetitive title, a ton of star cameos, intentional bad acting, bad lines that will go down in history, and ridiculously far-fetched scenes? Only one of the coolest Syfy movies ever! I have a special place in my heart for cheesy movies and Sharknado 2: The Second One has only the best kind of cheese.

After watching Sharknado 2: The Second One, for the second time, I discovered something that made me love the movie even more. How to Survive a Sharknado, which appears twice in the movie, is actually a book!! *Gasp* I knew right away that I had to have it.

The book covers surviving so many crazy (yet absolutely plausible) disasters and creatures. Some examples of chapters in the book are Sharknado, Antdemic, Ice Twister, Swamp Volcano, Piranhaconda, Pteracuda, and Sharktopus. Each section includes a sketch, some background info, tips to surviving each situation, and more.

I highly recommend watching both sharknado movies and reading the book. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in a sharknado or other disaster with no clue how to protect yourself and your loved ones, right!??

And because I like to look out for my readers, I came up with a few additional tips for surviving a Sharknado.

(TIPS INCLUDE MOVIE SPOILERS….and will probably make little to no sense if you haven’t seen the second movie)

If you absolutely must be on a boat or ferry, DO stay away from the railing because…well if you can’t figure out why then there’s proooobably nothing I can say to help you.

DON’T play frogger with sharks! Not everyone is as talented as Fin Shepard so chances are it will not end well.

DO choose your cabbie wisely when in the city as most of them will not be able to make a tow rope magically appear when you need it.

DON’T be a celebrity in the time of a Sharknado! What’s that? You’re not a celebrity? Great! Your chances of survival already increased.

DO visit Vinnie’s Pizza Shop because heeee, he got what you neeeed.

DO start chainsaws and then throw them into the sharknado, because there’s no way that will backfire. Ok ok, I’m totally kidding about this one. Please don’t do it because contrary to popular belief chainsaws do not know the difference between sharks and people.


  1. Man, were you in my head while I was watching this movie? I kept asking myself did I watch this my husband or with Jen? LOL

    The whole standing by the railing thing is the same as "don't stand by windows during a zombie apoc."

    I loved the frogger part!

    and I think it was Glen that said "the cabbie just happened to have the towrope under his dash?" and I said "well he wouldn't have been able to get to it if it was in the trunk where normal people keep them, you know, with all the sharks."

    I love all the celeb. appearances! I was like "dang, there are a lot of people in this movie!" - like Kelly Osborne!

    The pizza shop. LOL "Just take whatever you need!!!!!!"

    and and and.... I thought the same thing about throwing the chainsaws! I said to Glen "Oh yeah, that looks like a good idea!" they should put a disclaimer on there - DO NOT try this at home!

    I can't even count on two hands the number of times we said "that would never happen in real life!" but thats what made it fun!

    For some reason I did know that was an actual book, I'm not sure why.

    1. I know! It would have been perfect for one of our movie dates!

      SPOILER ALERT>>>>>I love seeing all of the celebs bite the big one. I can't help it. Hehe

      So did hubby like both movies? Or did he just tolerate them?

    2. He liked them but thought they were very silly, and they were! But they were suppose to be.

      and yeah, I think that's what all the celebs were there for - shark bait.

  2. Celebrity = death. lol

    I think the key take away for S2 was always carry power tools. You can even make a hand out of one lol

    I was cringing when everyone was hanging over the railing of the boat. Nooooooo don't do that stupid!

    1. Haha yeah, power tools are a must!

      I think I just rolled my eyes when they were standing at the railing. This movie should almost be called what not to do in a sharknado!

    2. I bet power tools would work on zombies too!

    3. Of course! Well as long as you're careful. You'd have to get pretty close to be able to use them.


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