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Disclaimer: Before you continue through this post please know that, although it may not appear so, I am of sound mind.
It all started with a trip to Michaels Craft Store.
I didn't really need anything so I just picked up a couple random things.

That's where the normalcy ended. I was munching on my yummy circus peanuts and then I had an idea (be afraid)...
Circus Peanut People!!! It started innocently enough...
Then I decided to use the peanuts themselves...
One of the peanuts wanted some orange balloons...
...he was never seen again. :(
Two others decided to join the circus (get it, circus peanuts?)
That also didn't end well...

The moral of this twisted's not easy being a marshmallow.




  1. Hahahahaha... Yeah

    Good thing I know you real well! I can verify that you are not crazy!

    In all honesty, cute, very cute!

  2. OMG that was hilarious! I love it! I totally needed that guffaw this morning. My favorite of course being the last few and the partly eaten peanut!

  3. So funny.
    Thanks :D


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