Paranormal Activity - Movie Review

Have you seen Paranormal Activity?

I think the question is, do you believe in ghosts? I don't think we can know for sure whether or not ghosts exist, but things happen...unexplainable things...does that prove the existence of ghosts or spirits? I know a lot of people who strongly believe and I've heard stories on why they believe. I have also watched a few of the 'ghost shows' on tv but overall I try not to think about ghosts too much. Well that was until I saw Paranormal Activity, the movie has two main characters who are filming 'occurrences' in their house. These occurrences get more frequent and more violent as the movie goes on. And the thing going through my mind as I watched it and ever since I watched it is 'this could possibly happen'. I mean if we can't disprove the existence of ghosts how can we say without a doubt that these things are an impossibility?

It is a good movie in the sense that it's jolting and interesting so I recommend you see it...I would also recommend leaving a light in your house if you watch it after dark ;-)

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