Shelf Candy Saturday (44): Freaks by Kieran Larwood

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Sheba, the fur-faced Wolfgirl, can sniff out a threat from miles away. Monkeyboy clambers up buildings in the blink of an eye -- then drops deadly stink bombs of his own making (yes, THAT kind)! Sister Moon sees in the dark, and moves at the speed of light. Born with weird abnormalities that make them misfits, these FREAKS spend their nights on public display, trapped in a traveling Victorian sideshow. But during the day, they put their strange talents to use: They solve the most sinister crimes. And in a dank, desperate world of crooks and child-snatchers, they're determined to defend London's most innocent victims: the street urchins disappearing from the city's streets.

Freaks on Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Kieran Larwood's Website

I love the spooky and mysterious look of this cover. It is one that caught my attention right away and is definitely one I added to my ever growing list.

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