'Tis the Season (Part 3)

For some of us it's that time of year when we are transitioning from Thansgiving into Christmas and from Fall into Winter. To mark the occasion, Wendy and I have decided to do a series of Holiday related posts. Part 3 is about holiday themed movies! 

I mentioned in the first 'Tis the Season post that I have a love for Christmas themed movies. Sure they are sometimes predictable and will probably all have that hallmark happy ending but they are guaranteed to leave you with that warm and fuzzy feeling that goes so well with the season.

I really do watch a lot of Christmas movies each year and it would be ridiculous to list them all so I decided to list some favorites.

Bad Santa
Holiday in Handcuffs
A Holiday to Remember
The National Tree
Recipe for a Perfect Christmas
Santa Baby
Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus
Undercover Christmas
Under the Mistletoe
The March Sisters at Christmas
Surviving Christmas


I have found that now as an adult and mother I still love curiling up to watch the holiday movies. (It is a great way to get my son settled before bed too! Some of my favorites are White Christmas, One Magic Christmas, Scrooged, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and Eight Crazy Nights. I could go on and on, I just love the holidays! I still have a fondness for all the old animated shows too, but my son's favorite is Polar Express so we watch that one quite often through the season.


  1. Wow, you and Jen are both serious about holiday movies. Made me think. I watch tons of movies about Halloween, not so many about Christmas. Either I'm busier....or else I'm turning into a holiday humbug. I love Scrooge movies, though, so I hope they count. Oh, and Little Bear's Winter Feast--(a kids' cartoon) my favorite.

    1. Of course Scrooge movies count!!

      It makes sense that this is a busier time of year for a lot of people. It's just the opposite with me, I have a ton of extra time since the hubs works so many more hours.

  2. Aw you both listed some really good ones. I also like Elf, Mickey's Christmas Carol, and A Christmas Story.

    1. I still haven't caught Elf but I'm not giving up...I will watch it this year! Lol!

      Ok it's confession time...please don't stone me...I absolutely cannot stand The Christmas Story!!!


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