Shelf Candy Saturday (31): Insomnia by J.R. Johansson

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by J.R. Johansson

It's been four years since I slept, and I suspect it is killing me.

Instead of sleeping, Parker Chipp enters the dream of the last person he's had eye contact with. He spends his nights crushed by other people's fear and pain, by their disturing secrets - and Parker can never have dreams of his own. The severe exhaustion is crippling him. If nothing changes, Parker could soon be facing psychosis and even death.

Then he meets Mia. Her dreams, calm and beautifully uncomplicated, allow him blissful rest that is utterly addictive. parker starts going to mizarre lengths to catch Mia's eye every day. Everyone at school thinks he's gone over the edge, even his best friend. And when Mia is threatened by a true stalker, everyone thinks it's Parker.

Suffering blackouts, Parker begins to wonder if he's turning into someone dangerous. What if the monster stalking Mia is him after all?

I really do have this strange love for dark and creepy covers and this one definitely caught my eye when I saw it here. The things that I like most about this one are the dark circles around his eye from lack of sleep, the cracking showing that he's slowly falling apart from the insomnia, and the creepy blood red letters. Unfortunately we'll have to wait until June 2013 for this to release...but it seems like it could very well be worth the wait!


  1. I think the blurb sounds interesting, but that cover is freaky!

  2. You're such a tease!! We have to wait MONTHS for that novel to come out. My brain cells don't last that long. I won't remember. But what a neat idea for a book!! And boy, do you notice that cover.

  3. Hey, Jen!

    Well, to be honest with you, this cover really shocked me when I first saw it. In fact, it makes me a bit uncomfortable when U look at it for more than a few seconds. I can't deny it's a very striking image, though. It sure seems perfectly suited to the plot. And speaking of the plot, I actually think it's totally fascinating!! So, even though the cover does make me uncomfortable, I would buy the book anyway, just so I could get immersed in the plot. I think this novel will be very hard to put down!!

    Thanks for participating in Shelf Candy Saturday!! : )


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