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Blue Moon (Holloway Pack #2) 
by J.A. Belfield

Soneone is watching the Holloway Pack, and this time, the female isn't the target.

Life with a group of seven male werewolves worries Jem Stonehouse not one bit. She is engaged to the Alpha's son Sean Holloway after all. So what has Jem's territorial instincts on high alert?

The pack's latest addition. Both of them.

None of the men think there's a problem with the new girlfriends. Jem's intuition tells her otherwise - that and a nagging suspicion the new females aren't there to partake.

Jem believes they've joined in to take.

The question is...what?

As the eve of the blue moon draws ever closer, Jem's running out of time to find the answer and outwit a thief of the worst possible kind.

A woman who believes she can't lose.

As part of the Blue Moon Blog Tour, J.A. Belfield has stopped by with the below guest post. I personally loved reading this blurb from Josh's point of view!

- - -

Without doubt, changing stings worse than a kick to the jewels.

The pain’s worth it, though. Especially when you get to hunt, to track the critters overrunning our forest like it’s their own. To get the greatest workout a male’s muscles could ask for, second only to sex itself—obviously, depending on who it’s with.

So, yeah, definitely worth it.

Not to mention the joys of the newest addition to our expeditions.

Sean’s mate. Jem.

Damn, that female stinks the place up like an aphrodisiac that hits straight to the groin.

I’d never got whiff of a female werewolf before her. Never understood the effect they could have.
Maybe that’s just me, though.

Because even as my paws pound the earth, as jolts spear between each contraction and expansion of muscles with every landing and leap off I take, and although the concoction of rabbit and fox and badger and squirrel fires my olfactory in a dizzying temptation … all it takes is one whiff of Jem, and my head’s all confused, my body responding without order, and before I know it I’ve altered my course.

I used to try avoiding it.

Sometimes, anyway.

Not anymore.

What’s the point?

So, once the call from the Holloway’s has been made, I bullet straight through the trees in the siren’s direction, losing the rest of my family within a handful of steps.

The pack tell me I’m the fastest runner.

I sometimes wonder if they thought the same before Jem came along.

It doesn’t take long before the rustle and beat of the Holloway’s passage reaches me. Mere seconds after that, the breeze carries across the aroma de femme.

Of course, I surge myself faster. I don’t even slow when she comes into sight. Why would I—when bulleting forward and diving for her flank sends us both rolling across dirt in the kind of proximity Sean wouldn’t stand for under any other circumstances?

Still, I have to keep it clean.

One false move, and that glisten in his eye’d devolve from amusement to warning.

She flicks back up onto her paws. I swear the kick of her claws that sends dust at my eyes is done on purpose.

Not that I care.

She slinks round to the right, her shoulders high, her head hanging low. As she turns enough to face me, her lips are rippling, yet the same message isn’t conveyed by her eyes. Those hold only mischief.

A couple steps toward me, her ears flattening back, a growl gives the false impression of her pissed-off-ness before she spins away again.

To fool her into thinking I’m well and truly rebuked—yeah, right—I don’t move to begin. Besides, the sway of her hide is entertainment enough for a moment.

Realising the gap’s expanding, I make the leap for her again.

She’s ready this time, though—whirling around before I reach her. Jaws snapping hard enough that I skim to the side to avoid their nip.

I laugh to myself as her growl sends tickling vibrations through my ear.

Until I compose myself and look back to find she’s already dismissed me, she’s already brushing against Sean, and whatever crazy communication they always seem to have going on is passing between them.
Within seconds, they’ll head off alone for their own private hunt no one else is ever invited to.

Shaking off the pang at how fast our moment zipped by, I pad out of the clearing and prepare to crack open some rats.

- - -

Thanks so much for stopping by Julie!

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  2. Fun blurb! Has the right frenetic chemistry.

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  3. Awe, I loved it! :D I love me some Josh...glad to get to see inside the boy's head. :D

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    1. Thanks, Ambur. His story should be fun to write when it's time. :D


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