'Tis the Season (Part 2)

For some of us it's that time of year when we are transitioning from Thansgiving into Christmas and from Fall into Winter. To mark the occasion, Wendy and I have decided to do a series of Holiday related posts. Part 2 is about winter/holiday collections! 

Many of my friends know that I LOVE Winter...probably to the point where it gets annoying haha. Why do I love it so much? Snow! I live in Pennsylvania so we're usually good for one really good (10" +) snowfall per year and some random decent ones (4" +). But along with cold weather and snow comes the need for scarves, hats, and gloves...which brings me to the subject of my part of this post. My scarf obsession collection. I have entirely too many scarves  You can never have too many scarves which is why I end up buying a couple more every year. It's not unusual for me to be lounging around the house randomly wearing a scarf.

In fact, I found this one and I'm wearing it as I type this post. I have no clue where it came from but it's a hat and scarf in one. Hhmm, does that make it a harf?

I have long, short, wide, skinny, fuzzy, sparkly, purple, peach, striped, old, new, and even a couple homemade scarves. I counted 24 scarves and 3 shaws...like I said earlier I have quite the obsession collection :)

Do you have any winter/holiday collections or obsessions?


My winter obsession is Snowmen. I have all sizes, all textures from glass to stuffed and I just love them! All of them are sadly packed at the moment, with the exception of a few in my jewelry collection.

I also add something each year so this year I am on the hunt for snowmen bookmarks, I just realized I don't have any of those yet.


  1. Ashley is a scarf person too! I have quite a few but not THAT many!
    I don't have any winter obsessions because - I HATE WINTER!!!!!!!
    The snowmen earrings are cute. I like angels for Christmas, I have a lot of different angels and white for decorating. I have a lot of white decorations for Christmas.

    1. Hold on, did you just put 'hate' and 'winter' in the same sentence?! That's it, we can't be twins anymore! LOL JUST KIDDING :P

      I didn't know you collected angels, I can see how it would really suit you though.

    2. I only have angels fo christmas tho. not year round.

      And we can't be twins anyway because you eat ice cream without me :-(

    3. I'm soooorrrryyyy!! But in my defense, you did stop watching the movie!!

    4. hahaha well I don't know.... the last time you did it you said you'd never do it again. How long did that promise last? lol
      And you said you were switching too! It's not my fault you whimped and kept watching the boring sad Christmas movie.

    5. Wellll technically tonight wasn't the first time I ate ice cream without you...

      Steve-o apparently has a show? it was on after Wipeout...Killer Karaoke...looks half dumb and half funny. We'll see how it goes.

    6. OK lets just make a pact to always tell each other when we are eating ice cream... or... just don't ever mention anything about it at all so the other never knows! LOL

      Good luck with the show. I hate Steve-O!

    7. I wasn't gonna spill the beans but you twisted my arm ;)

      You should watch this show...it's fun laughing at people

  2. To the At Random Wendy - my mom collect snowmen too! I wouldn't even want to attempt counting to see how many she has!

    The little earrings are cute :)


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