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Kailey Rooke, timid accountant, dedicated to philanthropic work, finds herself spiraling into a deep depression after she suffers a horrifyingly odd and humiliating assault, to only discover more of these freakish assaults occurring across the globe.

A chance discovery leads Kailey to a meeting with elderly Gunthreon, actual master of persuasion. Gunthreon, who seems to know too much of Kailey's history for her liking, opens Kailey's eyes to a coexisting realm she never knew existed: Renhala, while entrusting her with the knowledge of her newfound power as karmelean, serving as a beacon to the Higher Ones. Kailey slowly starts revealing new talents, and Gunthreon is fascinated with what she starts achieving.

She soon discovers that Renhala is in danger, and this danger has been leaking into her own realm. As she uncovers secrets within herself, and attempts to toughen up, she fuses with an unlikely band of fellow travelers (including a dragon, woodsprite, six-hundred-pound greble, her faithful female canine companion, and a "giver"), falls into an unexpected love triangle, deals with her sexy and flirtatious best friend’s “issues,” and finds the courage to master a new deadly weapon.

On her mission to save Renhala, Kailey will find herself running from life-threatening disasters, such as greble Tartarin, who likes to remind Kailey that when he catches her, he plans on eating her brains with ice cream; she'll run from the deadly meeples: small cute bunnies with talons and an undeniable thirst for imposing self-destruction on others. Kailey will also run into the possibility that a centuries-old Renhalan rumor is true, that advanced technology existing in Kailey's realm shortens all life spans.

As blood is shed and puzzles near completion, Kailey pulls from deep within herself, conjuring up mystical qualities that enable her to astonish as once predicted at her birth, but despite the newfound strength, Kailey will discover that monsters not only come in ugly packages, but can be easily disguised as those she has come to love and trust.

My Thoughts: 

Where to start... Well, I was in one of my rare book funks where nothing held my attention, so I decided I would attempt something different and I started Renhala. Wow! I could not stop reading it! Amy Joy Lutchen just pulled me into the world she created. This was more to the Fantasy side and I just loved it! It was exactly what I needed to get me reading. 

I really felt for the characters too. Kailey went through something very traumatic and I was able to feel for her through the story. The same with Connor and some of his reactions. (I would've been the same way!) I also loved Bu, I just wanted to hug him! 

Renhala has lots of action and drama, a bit of a romance triangle and finally followed by betrayal. It has a perfect blend to hold readers attention and keep them captivated! I would definitely recommend it and I will be following Amy Joy Lutchen's work from here on.

* I recieved this ebook for review but that has in no way effected my opinion.*

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

**I just want to add that I love the cover too, it is spooky yet very very


We are happy to have Amy Joy Lutchen (AJL), the author of Renhala here with us today on At Random (AR) to answer a few questions.

(AR)- I think I will start out simple and go with... Coffee or Tea?

(AJL)- TEA!! OMG. My love of tea is unnatural, I tell ya! We are buried in it here at Casa de la Lutchen. I'm like a tea rebel. You put it in front of me, I'll try anything. With cream, without...

(AR)- Lovely! I am a coffee fanatic myself (hazelnut is my favorite) but I
will try any kind as well. 


(AR)- Is there an author that inspired you?

(AJL)- Every author I read inspires me in one way or another, whether it be "this" particular author's rendition of a scary-ass clown, or "this" author's ability to bring tears to my eyes, or "that" particular author's ability to make feel dumb 'cause I just don't get it.


(AR)- When you read is there a particular genre you prefer?

(AJL)- The only books I don't get into are legal thrillers. (Remember how I said "that" author has me feeling dumb?) 


(AR)- What was your favorite book from childhood?

(AJL)- OH no! You just brought tears to my eyes! But in a good way. I had this book as a child (late 70's), and it was a fictional story about bugs: crickets, grasshoppers, etc. and all I can tell you is that when I think of it, I feel green. Yeah, I think everything had a greenish hue to it. BUT I DON'T KNOW THE NAME OF IT! It bugs the crap out of me (HA! Pun). I can tell you which book I absolutely love reading to my children, right now, though. "Kiss Good Night" by Amy Hest and Anita Jeram (illustrator). I get to give my kiddies lots of kisses while reading them this story.

(AR)- Hmm...I am at a loss on the title of the bug book, but maybe some of our readers could help you out...anyone? 


(AR)- Which one of your characters is your favorite?

(AJL)- Well, apparently Bu is a favorite of 'everybody'... but I can say that Kioto, the Akita, holds a special place in my heart. Unconditional love is like no other gift in this world.

(AR)- Yay! Bu is awesome! 


(AR)- How long have you known you wanted to write?

(AJL)- I've always been full of characters bursting to get out. Within the past five years is when I knew I had to release them in order to help me deal with some of my own personal issues in an unbelievably therapeutic way.


(AR)- Will we revisit Renhala in the future?

(AJL)- You sure will! Book two is on the way...No expected finished date, though, sorry. I can tell you it's a bit darker than the first, and shorter, but no less exciting! 


(AR)- What are you working on now?

(AJL)- Besides book two, I've got an AWESOME idea for a YA book that's been stirring inside me, also in the fantasy genre. Hmmm, how can I work tea into that book???

(AR)- *ahem* coffee...

Thank you Amy for taking the time to share with us today and I hope we can have you back sometime.


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  1. I love this book! I am also currently having a giveaway on my blog for an e-copy of this, lol. And Bu is also one of my favourite characters, but actually this book has so many great characters!


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