The hunt is over!

I was just skimming through my twitter feed to kill time and BAM!! The cover that I was hunting for two months ago was right there! Shout out to KateOrmand for unknowingly solving my mystery.

The (very, very rough) cover sketch I posted a couple months ago…

And the actual cover…

It’s kind of funny because I easily recognize the below version of the cover since there was a lot of hype around it back in May. I just never knew it was the same book.



  1. Oh no! Oh, well I mean good. I was looking through Netgalley and saw this cover and was like "This is it!" But I'd forgotten who was looking for it, so I went on a blog search and finally found you- even though you'd already found it. I'm glad you got to finally find it though!

  2. Aww. Well I appreciate you trying to find your way back here! I also appreciate you recognized the cover based on my crappy sketch lmao!


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