Halloween Fun

As part of my Spooktacular giveaway, I asked you what your favorite Halloween experiences were so I thought I’d share my favorite experience(s) as well as my Halloween fun this year!

I loved trick or treating as a kid, but my favorite memories were in my teen years. My uncle has a decent amount of wooded land behind his house so he used to set up a Spook Walk every year. He would set up displays, have people scattered around to scare everyone who walked through, and in the middle of the walk he would stop by a fire and tell scary stories. I was enlisted to help a couple years and had a blast. One time I was a vampire in a coffin and I would sit up and scare people. The other year I had fun jumping out of a dark spot on the trail and again scaring people. Do you see a common theme there? ;)

More recently my husband and I have bounced back and forth between our place and our neighbors place on trick-or-treat night and we just hang out watching trick-or-treaters. Well this year we had a small Halloween party to go to so I decided to go all out. I donned a black robe and painted myself up to become…

The Grim Reaper…MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
**please forgive the grainy cell phone photos :)

Hubby decided to go a different yet no less scary route…

I wanted to have a grand entrance so when we pulled up to their place I told my husband to go in and tell them I was still messing with my makeup and I'd be there in 10 minutes. Then I went around the back of the house and stood at their sliding glass door and stared into the kitchen where everyone was hanging out. I was there for about 5 min then they started to notice and I really scared some of them! Mission accomplished!! Haha!! I probably looked something like this

The host of the party came up with some creative food choices.

Tapeworms, severed fingers, brain punch, scabs, edible ashtrays, a cat litter box, and corny turds.


And here’s me eating some of those tasty tapeworms…

That's all I have for my Halloween fun but don't forget, today is the last day to enter the Spooktacular Giveaway! Just scroll down for the post or click on the image in the right column.

AND Thursday (Nov 3rd) is the last day to enter the 200 Follower Giveaway! Also linked to the image in the right column.


  1. Oh my gosh! That food looks disgusting!
    I love your costumes though, great idea!
    I was in Girl scouts when I was young and I remember doing a haunted house for the little kids. That was fun. And of course as I teen I just went around town causing trouble. Yes, I did the whole toilet paper & soap thing, sorry.

  2. I love your costume you look awesome and the brain punch I would totally love to try. Those brains be tasty looking :)

  3. UMMMMM....
    Jen, how freaking disgusting! TAPEWORMS??!!!
    NASTY NASTY NASTY...and it's all in ur mouth!

    BUT, i love the Grim Reaper costume...WiCKED!
    I guess you do it up BiG on Halloween :)

    severed fingers, brain punch...YUM
    scabs, and corny turds...seriously? EWWWW!!

  4. Haha, Wendy! surprisingly I only went TP'ing once and I didn't really do much of anything.

    @ Jess, The brain punch was very tasty!

    @Cassandra, you ate brains, you shouldn't be afraid of a little harmless tapeworm! ;-)


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