Spooktacular Giveaway Hop Winner

Before I announce the winner, I thought I would share some of my favorite entries.

**Please note that the drawing is completely random so me liking these entries does not affect who is chosen as the winner.


Krysykat said… My favorite prank hmm.. one year my friend and I dug a trench in her yard next to the walkway going to her porch, when everyone was trick-or-treating she'd hid in the trench in a brown dusty slicker and I'd cover her with dirt, grass and leaves so everytime someone was going to the porch she'd jump up and

Zoey said… Two years ago my friend dressed up like the Joker. We went to a party and I decided to play a prank on him so I sneaked behind and spillt fake blood over him. But then he turned over and I found out that he was a complete stranger, just dressed the same way as my friend!

Kathy said… I had my first date on Halloween night when I was sixteen. But that was actually the least memorable part of the evening. My mother had dressed up as an orangitang and her mask kept falling down so that she could not see. Then grandma and I both went racing for this house that gave huge chocolate bars, didn't realize there was a ditch and ended up on our butts in the grass. No wonder the poor guy never went out with me again -- he must've thought we were nuts. But despite how *bad* all of this might sound, we all laugh about it now.

Ananda said… I am from Europe and we don't celebrate Halloween at home:( I know, it sucks..If we did I would surely dress up as a mermaid, though it would be pretty interesting to see me "walking" in that thing..LOL

Katie said… My favourite memory is of trick or treat-ing with my best friend. We decided to 'trick or treat' her house but her parents had run out of candy. Instead, her Dad presented us with 'magic apples' which turned out to be apples wrapped in silver foil. We were not very impressed!

Reading Addiction said… We all went trick or treating in the rich section of town (they handed out WHOLE candy bars!!), we went to this one house, my grandparents neighbor no less, and they gave us stamps. Yes, postage stamps. It was the last year we stopped at their house. Really? What are a bunch of kids going to do with stamps? LOL

Roxy said… We don't really celebrate Halloween here in South Africa. There is no trick-or-treating etc. but my family loves Halloween and we always make an effort at this time of year. My fav memory would have to be Halloween 2009. It was my grandfathers last time celebrating with us and he always got into the spirit of things! He loved making scary ghouls and monsters for us to decorate our home with :) and he was an extremely talented man! He made a huge "life-size" Frankenstein's monster and we dragged the thing around our neighbourhood. We'd place it st our neighbours's front door, ring the bell and hide in the bushes to see their reaction when they opened to find this monster waiting for them!! LOL It was the best!


Mommy2Noah said… One of my favorite Halloween memories would have to be the year that my son went as a vampire chef! He was 2 at the time and carried a spatula everywhere! People thought it was hilarious!

Debbie said… My son has special needs. One year I made him a knight costume with real "chain" mail. I needed a flashlight and batteries, so we ran to the store quickly before trick or treating. Every man that saw him, stopped him, and told him his costume was awesome. He was so happy that halloween. He wasn't able to trick or treat at more than a couple of houses, but he was so happy, it was his best halloween.

Melora said… One Halloween i remember was when I was 4 or so years old, and dad and I were going around the neighborhood trick r treating when we realized that a cat was following us around. I have a big soft heart for cats, and so does dad, so we paid attention to it at first and figured it would head off when it got bored. Nope, it followed us the whole night so we adopted it and called it Pumpkin in honor of the holiday!

Vinci said… My fav. Halloween memory is when my two boys and their friends went trick and treating and our cat followed them to every house to make sure they were safe or something. so cute. It was so cold and icy weather too. Even "Muse" the cat went for the fireworks too. What a loyal cat, eh. the boys still talk about their amazing kitty.

Ashley said… My favorite memory would have to be last year's Halloween. I went as the Big Bad Wolf and my four year old sister went as Little Red.

Brookea said… My favorite halloween memory is staying in because the weather was bad and watching horror movies with my dad :)

And now to announce the winner…


Congrats Linda!!!

I will email you shortly and you will have 48 hours to respond with your information and book choices.

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