Therian (The Bloody Crescent #1) by Roxanne Kade

All Amberlyn Darksky has ever wanted is to be normal. But what if normal is everything supernatural and legendary?

Amber has never been ordinary. She has a gift, the ability to see memories through simple touch, and for her it’s a curse. Especially when she has to relive her mother’s death, the night she was born, through her father’s eyes. Leading a sheltered life for years under his constant watch has her yearning for freedom and her acceptance into Cyprus Falls University gives her just that.

She is immediately plunged into a world of true love, heart ache, seduction and horror. With a deepening affection for Tayelon Cree, whose sparkling hazel eyes leave her breathless, and the undeniable allure of Lucard Colbaine, who seems to be immune to her gift, can she accept what either of them represent in her life? And what about the steely eyed vampire who invades her dreams? When the blackouts and nightmares begin, Amber fears the pain that rips into her soul and threatens to destroy her. Before long she is faced with the truth of her destiny, as well as the devastating secrets that surround the people she holds dearest; dark secrets that will truly change the course of her very existence. Amber doesn’t know if she has the strength to accept the hand fate has dealt her. She will have to fight as hard as possible to remain human while the beasts inside her rage to take over

My Review:

When I first started reading this, it seemed like it was going to be set in the past (Keep in mind I don’t usually remember what is in the book summary by the time I read a book). I think the beginning was a little slower for me because of that…and because my hubby was home and kept talking to me, lol. I was glad when the story moved to and stayed in more modern times.

I enjoyed reading Therian. It has some loveable characters and some characters that I’m still undecided on whether they’re good or bad. Only time will tell as this is the first book in the series. I’m very interested to see where the author takes the story.

Just as a side note, I love the bloody crescent moons at the beginning of each chapter!

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