eSignatures – eYea or eNea?

The latest eCraze seems to be eSignatures. For those of you with no physical bookshelf this is definitely the route for you. Authors now have the ability to eSign your books.  Just like eBooks, eSignatures are fantastic when it comes to space and convenience. This is also beneficial to authors who only send their books out into the world in eBook format or authors who cannot travel to distant locations to hold signings.

I have learned that both Kindle and Nook support eAutographs and authors can email a signed cover image to a reader as well. I was clicking around on Kindlegraph’s website and it was quite slow…we’re talking molasses on a cold winters day! I’m not sure if I just entered it at a heavy traffic time or if it’s always finicky, either way make sure you have some time and patience when entering the site.

Personally, I have a love for signed books and own a lot, but they are hard copy books. (Click here for collecting tips and to see most of my collection). I do have one eSigned cover that I have won from Aimee Lane.

Normally I’m all for technology advancements; I usually have the latest and greatest phones with all flavors of bells and whistles BUT for some reason I have a hard time wrapping my little head around eSignatures. So am I on the band wagon? Not quite yet, but I’m running next to it and it’s just a matter of time before I hop onboard.

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Below are the most recent eAdvanced authors I’ve come across and their opinions on eSignatures

Author of Darkness of Light (see my review here)

"The ability to eSign a book is a major leap for authors—especially Indie or self-published authors, who don’t always have the ability to set up the book signing tours so easily arranged for those contracted with the big publishing houses. I also think it is a HUGE benefit for the readers, too. Losing the possibility of having a book signed by the author is an issue for some readers, but this provides an alternative—the only difference being that they don’t get to meet in person. I’ve been using Kindlegraph for a couple of months. Admittedly, when I first signed up, as someone without a drawing tablet to create an autograph easily by hand, it was pretty awkward to utilise. However, the latest updates to the service are a vast improvement—not just on the authors end for signing but also on the finished product the reader receives, and I imagine the company will only continue to improve their methods. So, yep, I’m, all for this advancement in technology."

Author of Little White Lies (this is on my to-read list)

"I LOVE digital/electronic signatures. For books especially. Why? It's fast. It's usually free, and it's accessible through the Internet. I can't make a book signing by someone in California. Will such-and-such author come to the other side of the country for me? Probably not. But if I love a book and have the opportunity to get a signature from the author? I would jump on it. And that's where the power of technology comes into play. I would LOVE to have their signature on my Kindle version or on a cover that they've signed. It's just as special to me because it's from them. It doesn't matter that it's not on paper. It's still to me, from them. Perfection. :)"

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And here are two more eAdvanced authors I’ve come across

Author of Somber Island (see my review here)

Author of Me and My Ghoulfriends (this is on my to-read list)

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I also asked a few of my blogger friends to share their opinions with us

I am almost sure that eSignatures will become popular! That is just the trend that we are following now. eBooks are ever so popular, it just makes sense that eSignatures would be too. I have to say I am amazed at the technology that they can even do something like this!

As far as - Am I interested in them or how do I feel about them myself? I am not really sure! LOL

I guess there are a few Authors I wouldn't mind having the eSignatures of. But I have to admit that I was not intending on keeping all the ebooks I download. I will keep my favorites but just delete the others. So I would have to make sure that I kept the ones with Signatures in a safe spot on my nook so I don't delete them by mistake.

Also it is easy to show someone your signed book but a little more difficult to show them your nook with a few sigs. in it.

It also seems a little fake to me. With a real book you can see the ink, tell it’s real. You can't do that on an eSignature.

So... I guess I would have to sum it up by saying that - while I certainly wouldn't pass any eSigs. up, I don't think I will really go gaga over them like I would a real book.

Kay from K-Books  

When I first heard about signed e-books I was kinda like huh? How's that work? Then I received one and I do like it but I am very unsure as to how they will be received. I think it's a cool idea for people who mainly read e-books but I am very much a hard-copy kind of person and as much as i love my kindle I will always prefer paperbacks and hardbacks. I get so excited about signed hard copies of books as you can pick them off your shelf and look at them whenever you want. With e-books you have to search on your device to find the signature so I personally don't think they will be as prized as signed hard-copy books.

For me this I am not a fan of the Esignatures as I don't have an Ereader and the excitement of it is lost for me. Maybe in the future I could be converted into seeing the fun in this, but for now holding the actually paperback in my hands and seeing the actual product is so exciting for me, and knowing that the author has actually held the book and signed it with their own hand is pure excitement.

Cassandra from monkeycstars

I actually thought the idea of eAutographs was really cool. When I first saw it on Amazon, I wanted one. But, then I started to really think about it and I decided it's just a great BONUS to have. I'd much rather have a real hardcopy signed book--way more impressive in my eyes. I need physical books in my hands so, that's all I really want. I don't really think the eAutographs will catch fire and last for too much longer.

Chris from Reading is FUNdamental

Truth be told, I’ve never been one who was into collecting autographs of any sort. The only signed copy of a book I have is Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice, and that was a gift from my Uncle Joey who knew what a fan of Anne’s I was.

The idea of the book signing itself, however, is something I really enjoy. I would love to attend one, it’s just never worked out so that I could. Now-a-days, I read almost everything via audible or kindle, neither of which is very conducive to traditional signing, so I’m in favor of eAutographs done this way:

Essentially, those of us with eReaders would be able to participate at live signings while maintaining our preferred media. I’m not in favor of it used in a more generic manner, however. Say, for the publisher to jack up the price by offering signed copies in which I have no way of verifying that it was the author or some unknown person who actually did the signing. Afterall, in the digital format an author's signature can be reproduced ad infinitum and personalization of the message could be written by anyone.

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A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this post, it was great to see the different perspectives!!

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What are your opinions on eSignatures?

Do you think they will spread like a wildfire, or will they continue to smolder for a few more years?

Do you know any eAdvanced authors not mentioned in this post?


  1. Interesting how the pure readers opinion slightly differs from that of those who've commented only from an authors standpoint. I agree that eSigning will never replace that of a physical signing--it's human nature to be more wooed by something they can actually hold in their hands. :o)

  2. My opinion is still the same. eSigs are a great bonus to get, but nothing really compares to the REAL DEAL...touched by the Author's hands and then touched by mine...sounds kinda creepy that way, but it's WiCKED AWESOME!

  3. I like the idea of eSignatures if they were something personal rather than just a generic sort of "enjoy reading!" comment. Somehow if its digitized that sort of thing just doesn't seem to have much meaning. As Chris said, it could be replicated as much as the publishers want. Simple supply and demand: the easier it becomes to get a book "signed," the less valuable it will be. Not that I'm thinking about selling my signed books, but pride has its own value :)

  4. Well, as I do own a couple signed physical books, I do actually know what you mean, monkeycstars, lol.
    And I totally agree with you, Kate. A generic message, in no way personalised, will automatically eliminate the appeal--I myself wouldn't be too happy to be on the receiving end of one, either.

  5. Thanks J.A. Belfield for understanding what I'm talking about. Obsessive personality, so when i like something, I'm like Jen, I really like it HARD...
    The handwritten sigs make me feel special and connected to the a non-stalker way (except that one time) I'm harmless :)

  6. I think I'm still confused about the eSignatures. How or what is signed then if you have a Kindle and go to an author signing?

    Even if I use ebooks predominantly, I would much rather just buy a physical book for signing if I planned on anything getting signed. As many others have already said, there's something special about a physical signing.

    Kim @ Book Munchies

  7. I agree with all of you, the garden variety copy/past eSignatures just wouldn’t mean as much. And I know that ebook sales have overtaken paper book sales on amazon (and possible other sites/dealers) BUT I have a hard time believing that esignatures will ever over take signatures in paper books.
    I was reading the article that Chris included in his write up. The concept of posing with an author for a picture and having the author esign it in front of you is neat. But again, you’d have to physically go to a book signing…why not just buy a paper book to get signed? At this point I think would do both, I would get the esignature as well as a signed hard copy.
    @ Kim, If you check out the link Chris mentions, it explains the process a little. Beyond that I’m not 100% sure how it would work.
    Lol, Cassandra…your stalker ways entertain me!


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