Book Title Poetry

I've seen book title poetry a few times and thought it would be fun to give it a whirl. The goal is to write poetry by only using book titles.

I decided to further torture challenge myself by limiting my book title choices to only the physical books I own.

Here are my first attempts...

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Ghost Story
A Brush of Darkness
99 Coffins
Bled Dry
Breaking Dawn
She Wakes


- - -

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Dear Cupid,
Hello, It's Me
One Wish...
A Hopeless Romantic
The Perfect Match

- - -

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When Darkness Comes
They Wake
On the Prowl
Insatiable Bloodlust

The Girl Next Door
Easy Prey
Isolation In the Woods
Death Du Jour

- - -

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Through Her Eyes

Insatiable Personal Demon
Paranoia, Panic
Just Breathe
Heart Sick Compulsion
Going Too Far



  1. Wow! Good job! I've done this before too, its so much fun!
    I like the 2nd one best - Dear Cupid...

    What's that book about, BTW?
    I read a book about Cupid - Mad Love, by Susan Selfors, it was Excellent! I think Ashley is gonna read it for the read-a-thon.

  2. Thanks Wendy!

    I haven't read Dear Cupid yet but it sounds good. Here's the Goodreads link if you want to check it out :)


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