Read-a-Thon Potential Disaster

I was having problems staying awake from 5:30am-6:15am but thankfully I didn't fall asleep! That would have been horrible to make it 22 hours and then fall asleep!!

Anyway, after a little pacing in the kitchen, a brownie, and some milk I am as good as new. Lets hope it lasts until 8am...especially since I ate the last brownie!!

To all my fellow read-a-thon'ers, hang in there! We're so close, I can almost smell the victory!!


  1. Oh my gosh brownies!!! That was a good idea. I'm so doing brownies next time!!!
    I dozed off for a few min. but then my hubby called me on the phone and startled me awake!
    I'm awake now, I can do this!

  2. You're doing great!! We're almost done! I can feel my pillow's sweet softness beckoning me.


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