UPDATE: Mini Challenge

I must say that I'm having fun reading all of the book habits comments. Ok, I haven't come close to reading all of them, but I read a decent number and look forward to reading more! It's interesting to see others habits!

Since you showed me yours, I will show you mine...book habits that is!

-I read MUCH faster on my Galaxy Tab or my phone...I guess that's not so much of a habit but oh well
-I love to curl up on my 'comfy chair' to read. I tuck my legs under me or throw them over the arm of the chair
-I admittedly have read at redlights on my phone...that's almost torture though since I can only fit in a couple lines before I have to drive again
-I get up earlier then necessary to get up-to-date on all of the book blogs I follow and/or read before I leave for work and sometimes once I'm at work
-I am very well known for reading on my hour long lunch break at work. Most people know to just leave me alone, hehe

You have 30 more minutes to get your entries in then the winner will be chosen by random.org since I couldn't possibly pick one!

I will be updating this post with the winner and also emailing you as long as you gave me your email :-)




  1. In high school I had study hall right before Math, and it was in the same room. I was very much a book-aholic back then and it was well known that I would read during study hall, instead of doing homework. Well, one day I was so engrossed in my book (I believe it was one of the Fearless series) that I was unaware of the world around me and I hadn't noticed that study hall was over. I kept reading straight through my math class and it wasn't until the end of class when my math teacher called my name and asked if I had any questions about the lesson or the homework assignment that I realized what I had done! Thankfully my math teacher was like a second mom to me and she only embarrassed me to tease me, not to punish me. She gladly let me stay after to "catch up" on what I had missed haha.

  2. How funny, I was commenting on yours at the same time as you were commenting on mine! Yeah, my contacts came out a loooong time ago, my eyes feel much better now!

  3. Haha, that sounds like something I would do, although I thankfully haven't been late getting back to work...yet!

  4. Hey you, post something, I'm relying on you to keep me awake! :)

  5. Sorry, I was temporarily ignoring my email so I could finish a book...won't happen again, haha.


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