The Kitchen Witch (Accidental Witch Trilogy #1) by Annette Blair

Annette Blair cooks up an extra helping of entertainment in her first contemporary romance, a sexy comedy set in Salem, Massachusetts. Sedate single dad Logan Kilgarven is somehow bewitched into helping his lovely downstairs neighbor, Melody Seabright, get her own cooking show at his TV station. How did that happen? Melody can't even cook. In her hands, potatoes lump, gravy boils over, and chicken explodes. Still, she's got showmanship, and the general manager can practically taste syndication when her show, The Kitchen Witch, takes off. Even as the boss's daughter sets her sights on Logan, he and Melody are making some hot magic of their own. Sure, opposites attract, but can they last? Readers will love this classic story of attraction between pinstripes and polka dots
My Review:

This is an easy/light read. Melody has a very contagious personality and it lands her her very own tv show called The Kitchen Witch. There’s only one snag…she is a horrible cook! With his job on the line Logan reluctantly agrees to help her by teaching her to cook.  Throughout the book, they are both in serious denial about their feelings for the other as they struggle to get Melody through show. The level of denial was a little vexing so I didn’t quite enjoy this book as much as I could have. It’s a tiny detail but I think (for me) it took away from the story. I’m torn between giving this book a 3 and a 3.5. Considering that the book did easily draw me in and kept my attention so I will go with a 3.5

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