Deadly Heritage by Toni Leland

Goodreads Summary:

Somebody is stalking horse breeder Kellie Sutton, and the one person who can protect her is the man whose heart she broke 15 years ago.

A series of vicious attacks on Kellie’s champion Quarter Horses brings devastation to her ranch and former sweetheart Ed Campbell back into her life, only this time as the new local sheriff.

Mystery surrounds the wounds inflicted on the animals, then a sharp-eyed veterinarian confirms that someone is out to destroy Kellie and everything she loves.

My Review:

I have three of Toni Leland's novels on my bookshelf and I decided to read Deadly Heritage first. It’s considered equestrian fiction and I love horse movies so I was excited to try out a novel. This book is a mystery with a very strong, determined female protagonist which I loved. Kellie will do anything to protect her land and her horse business but what can you do when your livelihood and possibly your life are being threatened? Deadly Heritage has more twists and turns than you might think; it definitely keeps you on wondering what will happen next. I'm looking forward to reading the other two Leland novels I have!

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