Destiny with Death by Judith Post (novella)

Goodreads Summary:

Loralei has always been able to see souls who stayed behind when they died. But when Loralei takes Death for a lover, she develops the gift of being able to call a spirit back after it left this realm. Now she is able to communicate with the dead to help families find the bodies of missing loved ones. But when a grieving mother and father ask her to locate their daughter, Mandy, Loralei gets more than just a body. Mandy's battered body is lying beside another girl's, and when the police dig up both girls' remains, their killer knows someone tipped them off. The killer learns about Loralei and her gift--a gift that can point the police in his direction. He's killed before. He can kill again, but Death has no intentions of losing  Loralei.

My Review:

Destiny with Death is a perfect lunchtime read. It’s very short and is interesting enough to hold your attention despite break room distractions.

Just for fun, I’m going to use a dorky kayaking analogy for this novella.

The beginning of the story is like paddling in high winds, the water’s choppy and it takes more time and concentration to make any progress. Then once the winds die down you’re able to relax and enjoy your journey.

If you don’t speak Kayak, here’s a translation…
The descriptions in the first few pages of the book almost felt awkward and/or forced and because of that it was harder to read. But once through that the story began to flow more smoothly. There are also a lot of interesting aspects of the storyline that were unique to me.

I think overall I would rate this novella a 3.5


  1. Geez, you're fast! Thanks for taking the time to read and review my story. I always learn when I get peoples' reactions to my writing. Thanks again. Judith

  2. Ha I like the Kayak analogy! Sounds like fun. The book and the Kayaking! I looked this up on B&N - the cover is kinda scary. For .99 - what a deal!

  3. HAHAHA the dorky analogy worked well for me. Good one!

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