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For it's (almost) 1 year birthday, Darkness & Light by J.A. Belfield (the ebook version) is getting a makeover! It will be getting a new cover (released next month) and will include THREE short stories in Sean's pov. If you haven't read Darkness & Light then you're in luck, the ebook will be available for .99 in June! All of that is very cool, but it gets better!! There were many squees and squeals to be had when I found out that I'm quoted on the cover!! Check it out...

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  1. OMG Jen that is sooo amazing!! :)

  2. Ahhhh! Congratulations that is so exciting!!! :D :D

  3. OH MY GOSH!!!!! That's awesome!!!!!
    Wow! What an honor!

  4. :-P I'm still VERY excited! I hope the paperback cover is rereleased also so I can pet...erm look at the pretty cover in person ;)

  5. Cool :D Hahaha yeah, having that book on your shelf must be sooo cool!

  6. Hi, Jen! Thanks for commenting on my Shelf Candy post!! I just saw this and had to stop to congratulate you!! How AWESOME!!! This is a really great honor!! WOOT, WOOT!!!! : )


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