Codename Dancer (Dani Spevak Mystery #1) by Amanda Brice

Aspiring ballerina Dani Spevak is thrilled when hit TV show Teen Celebrity Dance Off comes to the campus of her performing arts boarding school. She trades the barre for the ballroom and gets set to cha-cha-cha to stardom with Hollywood wonderboy Nick Galliano.

At first their partnership is awkward, because Dani is in awe of her longtime teen idol crush. But soon their chemistry is heating up the dance floor and the attraction moves into real life.

Her excitement is short-lived, because someone wants her off the show. Bombs, poisoning, arson… Will Dani’s 15 minutes of fame be over before she reaches age 15? Dani and her friends are suddenly at the center of some serious sabotage. And if she doesn’t find out who is behind it, her next pirouette could be her

My Review:

Codename Dancer is a young adult book that’s geared more towards younger of the young adult range. It’s about Dani, a 14 yr old dancer, who earns a spot on a Teen Celebrity Dance Show. But there’s a problem…someone is trying to sabotage the show and frame her for it. Along with her friends she launches her own investigation because she’s not about to go down without a fight.

I knew who the culprit was almost right away but it was still interesting seeing the characters sleuthing their way through the mystery. I also enjoyed the bit of action towards the end of the book. I think this would be a cute movie and I would love to see all of the dancing.

This book would be a great read-a-thon book, it’s short, cute, easy to read, and entertaining.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5


  1. Makes me think of a Nancy Drew type mystery. Fun.

    1. That's how some people refer to it. A danced themed Nancy Drew

  2. I like books with suspense and dance, so the synopsis is intriguing. Too bad that you had it figured out from the beginning. Have you read Dancergirl? There is some decent and long lasting suspense in that read.

    1. I haven't read Dancergirl. I think I have it in my to be read list, I'll double check.


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