To Meme or Not To Meme

I've been thinking about starting a weekly meme and was hoping all of my lovely readers would be willing to vote for which you would rather see. Click on the blog names to see an example.

Option A - Shelf Candy Saturday, created by Five Alarm Book Reviews

Option B - Fun Friday, created by Wall-to-Wall Books

Option C - Wordless Wednesday, I don't have a specific example of this but I've seen these posts randomly on other blogs. Instead of a normal post, I would be posting a picture...most likely it will be pics that I've taken over the years.

Option D - TGIF at GReads, created by GReads <== I'm not sure if I would do this every week, I guess it depended on the question...and how busy I am since this one cannot be scheduled ahead of time.

If you have a preference, just comment and let me know which option! Thanks much!

**Update - Shelf Candy Saturday had the most votes and I've officially started the meme. My first and second Shelf Candy posts are linked at the end of the post.

Feel free to continue to vote as I may add another meme at some point

Shelf Candy #1 - Luminosity by Stephanie Thomas & When the Sea is Rising Red by Cat Hellisen
Shelf Candy #2 - Burn Bright & Angel Arias by Marianne de Pierres


  1. Ok for my professional (heehee) opinion -
    First I would vote for -
    Fun Friday - #1 because its mine
    #2 its new and fresh
    #3 no one else is doing it
    #4 it gives you a chance to add and say all the things that don't go into any other post
    #5 its mine LOL

    My second vote would go for - Shelf Candy! I have never seen this but I like it! Maybe I will do this sometimes. Thanks! How do you find the cover spread out like that?

    1. Lmao Wendy!

      I'll count that as one vote for Fun Friday and one for Shelf Candy!

      PS, I'm not sure how to find that cover spread, I would probably just use normal cover images.

  2. I like the idea of TGIF, too. But I also like the Shelf Candy idea. :o)

    1. Thanks for the vote & the retweet :-D

  3. Interesting. The only one I've seen before is TGIF, so I'm all for something new...what's fun Friday about? That lol

    1. This is how Wendy described Fun Friday,

      "Every Friday I will post something "fun" - a video. a picture, a funny book quote, etc.
      I will also be posting any winners of my giveaways for that week"

  4. I don't read memes so I'm no help.. lol

  5. I like Shelf Candy... That one's very unique and I LOVE looking at book covers so..

  6. I vote for Shelf Candy. I'm a sucker for pretty covers. :D

  7. A Goodreads friend also voted for Shelf far that one is in the lead!

    I'm not sure when I'll close the poll, but I just wanted to say a quick thanks for everyone who has voted :)

  8. I love TGIF! Ginger always has really great questions posed :] I don't do it every week either since I can't always come up with good answers, but I still enjoy it.
    You actually can schedule it ahead of time too. She has about 5 questions or so up at a time :]


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