Rain Rain Go Away

Come again when I don't have an appointment over lunch!

It’s official, I don’t have any more orthodontist appointments! Yay! I had braces for about two years and they were taken off in the summer of ’09 so today was my last follow up appointment!! I think I celebrated too early though, because what happened next brought me back down to earth.

Swinging by McDonalds on my way back to the office has become a habit after orthodontist or dentist appointments (my small way of sticking it to the man maybe?). Anyway after that pit stop I made it as far as the office parking lot until I realized I had to figure out how to balance my purse, keys, a salad, sweet tea and my umbrella if I wanted to make it inside without getting drenched. I was definitely regretting my other habit…parking at the far end of the parking lot! I thought I had it all figured out, but boy was I wrong! I had the salad and tea in one hand and my unopened umbrella in the other and thought ‘now what, I don’t have a third hand to open the umbrella’. Somehow I managed to open the umbrella, only it picked that exact moment to break and not open completely. During that mini fiasco I had also managed to poke a large hole in my sweet tea cup and was successfully dumping it all over myself. So I laughed at the situation, gave up, closed my car door, ducked under the semi opened umbrella, dumped out my sweet tea next to my car, and finally made my way to the door. With the way my luck was, I’m almost surprised I didn’t trip myself on the way in. Now, an hour later, I am dry and back to being excited about bidding adieu to the orthodontist!

Here's a picture of the lovely rain in the area...

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