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I found an article online this morning (7 Home Remedies That Actually Work) and 2 of the 7 remedies caught my eye. The other 5 are a little more common.

The first one is eating olives to cure motion sickness.

I’ve been having more problems with motion sickness the past few years so that’s why this one caught my eye. The only problem is, I detest olives and I think eating them would probably cause puking much faster than the motion sickness would!! So, even though this may be a miracle cure, I think I will be sticking with my old friend Dramamine!

‘According to the National Library of Medicine, there are a number of symptoms that present themselves as a result of motion sickness, including increased salivation, which is the body’s way of protecting the teeth from the high doses of acid accompanied by vomit. Enter olives, which contain tannins that, when released in the mouth, work to dry saliva—first eliminating the symptom and then the body’s instinct to follow suit. However, the treatment is only effective during the early stages of nausea, when the salivation changes first appear.’

The second remedy is an interesting method for preventing tension headaches.

‘While doctors aren’t sure why we do it, clenching our teeth is a common side effect of stress. According to Fred Sheftell, MD, director of the New England Center for Headache in Stamford, Connecticut, when we clench up, we strain the muscle that connects the jaw to the temples, which can trigger a tension headache. By placing a pencil between our teeth—but not biting down—we relax our jaw muscles, which eradicates tension and reduces pain. Just remember, the remedy really only applies to tension headaches—not migraines or headaches caused by sinus pressure, etc.’

If you want to read the full article click here.

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