The Mistress’s Revenge by Tamar Cohen

I just found out that I won this book from and Free Press, YAY! I’m sure I will be watching the mailbox every day…even though it’s not due to arrive for 4-6 weeks ;-)

Goodreads Summary:

Fatal Attraction set in the era of Facebook: fiery, passionate, engrossing, unsettling, manipulative, and graphic...a debut novel written as one woman’s letter to the married man who has just dumped her—upon whom she exacts a terrific revenge.

When her five-year affair with the sexy television personality Clive Gooding brutally ends on a dime—his dime—Sally Islip is devastated. But with Sally, Clive has made one fundamental mistake: he has chosen someone who has less to lose than he has, and Sally will have her revenge—no matter what the cost to the people around them.

The cat-and-mouse tale that follows is told through the journals Sally’s therapist has told her to keep. Sally, whose mental state is gradually unraveling, stalks Clive online and off, keeping him on an agonizing knife-edge of fear of exposure. In return, he mobilizes his underworld contacts against her. How far is he prepared to go to silence the woman he once loved “more than life itself ”? What form will Sally’s obsessive revenge eventually take? Who actually has final control, and who will end up losing everything?

A triumphant debut along the lines of Jennifer Weiner and Zoë Heller, The Mistress’s Revenge is a journey inside the mind of a woman made mad by the possibility of love, and made alive by the possibility of hate.

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  1. just read book, what a boring book, so self obsessed.
    I sounds like an auto biography...
    Do not bother to buy, its nonsense.


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