Movie Review - Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

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This weekend Krista (Krista’s Dust Jacket) and I went to see the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie. I have NOT read any of the books in the Mortal Instrument series and really all I knew about the book/movie is that the main character is a demon hunter.


Movie Genre

This movie covers a few different genres. You, of course, have the fantasy element but at the same time there’s action, mystery/suspense, and even some romance elements.

Special Effects – Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

The special effects get a very enthusiastic two thumbs up!!  Some of the demons especially rocked!

My Thoughts
As much as I love seeing books come to life on the big screen, I’m very glad I haven’t read the books in this series. Without having read them I was able to go into the movie blind and get the full experience without comparing it to something else.

The action scenes were suspenseful, the romancey parts were sweet, and again the special effects were top notch. I loved it all! This is a movie that I plan to buy and watch it on the day the DVD is released! And I will force convince my hubby to watch it also. Who am I kidding; I’ll tie him to a chair if needed ;-)

Some of the random things I said during the movie

What the hell is THAT?!?!


That’s so AWESOME!!

Ooo, he’s cute!

No! Don’t do that <Sorry, I can’t tell you what ‘that’ is>! Put it back! What are you doing?!

Other Recommendations

I haven’t seen many movies with this type of a fantasy element but I will recommend World War Z (my review) because of the action.


  1. Aaaah! I have to see it!!!! (I HAVE read the books and I liked them a lot, so I'll have to see how I feel...)

    1. Definitely go see it if you can, it's one that is great in the theater!


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