Blog Tour: Caged (Holloway Pack #3) by J.A. Belfield

By J.A. Belfield

Series: Holloway Pack #3
Genre: Adult, Paranormal, Werewolves
Publisher: J. Taylor Publishing
I received this book, from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

If the meek can become deadly, the strongest can be weak.

For Ethan Holloway, his mission to find a missing werewolf should be simple. Crack a few heads, bust a few chops and the solution always reveals itself. Always.

Not this time.

Ethan’s reputation precedes him, and because it does, someone is ready. Waiting. Unbeknownst to Ethan, he’s about to go down. Hard. Against a foe he never suspected and in a world he never imagined could be real.

What awaits Ethan is a fight not only for his reputation, but also his pack, his female, and his life. If he survives, damage control will become priority number one.

If he survives.

Because even Ethan’s not sure he’s strong enough to take on an entire race all by himself.

Especially one hell bent on exposing who and what he is in the name of sport.

Author Info

One day, a character and scene popped into J. A. Belfield’s head, and she started controlling the little people inside her imagination, as though she were the puppet master and they her toys. Questions arose: What would happen if …? How would they react if …? Who would they meet if …?
Before she knew it, a singular scene had become an entire movie. The characters she controlled began to hold conversations. Their actions reflected the personalities she bestowed upon them. Within no time, they had a life, a lover, a foe, family … they had Become.
One day, she wrote down her thoughts. She’s yet to stop.
J. A. Belfield lives in Solihull, England, with her husband, two children, four cats and a dog. She writes paranormal romance, with a second love for urban fantasy.
She also book blogs over at Bookaroo-Ju.

My Review for Caged

Caged is yet another great installment in the Holloway Pack series. 

J.A. Belfield is so good at making you fall for her characters. Ethan was loveable in previous books in the series, but in Caged you are really able to get in his head. You feel his confusion over a potential relationship, his termoil and desperation in a very bad situation, and his love and loyalty towards his packmates.

If you're looking for a wolfy series with mystery, action, romance, hot werewolves (of course), and so much more then definitely check out the Holloway Pack books.

Overall Rating

4.75 out of 5

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