Books, Brains 'n Blood Read-a-Thon Update

Books, Brains 'n Blood Read-a-Thon

My Shelf Confessions is hosting a Books, Blood, & Brains Read-a-thon this weekend (Aug 2nd- 6th

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Books Completed: 
Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry

I really enjoyed R&R and I'm glad this read-a-thon gave me the push I needed to finally read it. 

Book(s) in progress:
The Last Bastion of the Living by Rhiannon Frater

I'm reading this one much slower so it may take me a while BUT I think I'm getting to some really good parts and I'm looking forward to seeing where it takes me. 

Next up:

I think I'm going to need a quick, easy read after The Last Bastion of the Living. Whether or not I'll get to this one is still up in the air. The hubby is home today and wants to go clothes much of a switch up is that?! Hubby wants to go shopping and I'm all like
Ooohhhh, ok, if we must...LOL

Pages Read: (552)
Rot & Ruin - 458
The Last Bastion of the Living - 64 and counting

Book Quotes:

Rot & Ruin - ""Move slowly. Follow me, do what I do, move when I move, stop when I stop." They were Tom's words on his lips, and it hurt him to say them..."

I doesn't mean quite as much out of context but man, what a great quote!

The Last Bastion of the Living - "Blood, brains, and bits of bone littered the table and chairs." 

Oh yeah, now it's getting good!! *eyes glued to page*

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  1. I must read Rot and Ruin asap! Awesome progress, the hubs made me go shopping too. He says I'm a shut in


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