Friday Foodie Affair: Fair Food

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For my first post, I want to talk about fair food...glorious fair food!

Fairs are one of the best places to try new things (or very bad for you fried things) that you might not otherwise eat. After all most fairs only come around once a year so why not spoil yourself a little, right?

Last week my husband and I went to the E-town fair (Elizabethtown, PA). We have little to no desire to ride the rides, look at farm equipment, or pet the animals so our sole purpose for the hour round trip was, yep you guessed it, food! Ok that’s not quite true; we also go to see some friends that live close to the fair :)

Something New:

Although I don't have a wide range of food likes I do love to try new things. Something I tried this year was a pizza stuffed pretzel. Pretzel AND pizza? Sign me up! Cheese, pepperoni, and sauce all cozied up inside of a nice, salty pretzel. It's very tasty and oh so messy but nothing a few napkins can't fix! I'm drooling just thinking about it. Next year I think I will try either the ham & cheese stuffed pretzel or the Philly cheesesteak stuffed pretzel. Mmmmm.
The E-town fair is also known for their homemade milkshakes. If you catch that line with less than 20 people then you should keep an eye on the sky because pigs will be flying! Maybe next year will be the year that I brave the line. Maybe. Or I could just buy ice cream at the store and make my own, either way.

Something Old:

One of our yearly must-haves is the walking taco. How something so simple tastes so dang good is beyond me.  Basically you open a small bag of Fritos or Doritos and add taco ingredients. Easy peasy. It’s also something simple to make at home. We've made our own versions of it but it's still fun to get the one that put the spark in our taco loving hearts.

Something Else:

A couple of years ago I decided to try a fried Oreo. Really, how could I NOT try that?! I had dreams about what that sweet Oreo goodness would taste like. Ok not really, but I was curious. I ended up a little disappointed. It mostly just tasted like a donut. If something is that bad for me I think it should taste absolutely sinful. But alas it was good but not great.

What’s YOUR favorite fair food? Do you go for starches, sweets, or meats?


  1. I love petting the animals :-/

    My favorite fair foods is - fried dough! And caramel apples! Yum
    I love stuffed pretzels but usually just get them stuffed with cheese.

    1. I'm afraid of caramel apples...must be leftover trauma from having braces :-P

    2. I'm afraid of carpets for that same reason... don't ask!

    3. Lmao, I bet there's a very entertaining story there.


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