Movie Review: Warm Bodies vs World War Z


Just a warning, this posts talks about the types of zombies, etc. in each movie so if you like to be totally surprised when first watching a movie then maybe avoid this post. BUT I won’t list much more than you could find out by looking into the movies or watching the movie trailers.

Also, please note that I have not read either book so this is solely comparing the two movies. To break it down a little I’ll compare the types of zombies, their speed, and their goals. I’ll also look at the genre of each movie as well as my overall thoughts of each.

I'll refer to World War Z as WWZ and Warm Bodies as WB

Type of Zombies

In WB, there are two types of zombies. First are the zombies that still pretty much look like…well they look like vampires almost. They mostly just look like pale humans. The second type of zombies, in the movie, are more skeletal and pretty freaking scary. I would NOT want to meet one in a dark alley…or anywhere for that matter!

The zombies in WWZ are a little closer to the classic zombie. They have the cloudy eyes and stretched and sunken skin. But they’re not the rotting flesh and mangled or missing body parts that you normally associate with zombies.

Zombie Goals


All zombies exist only to eat brains & flesh right?! Nope, this isn’t always the case. Ok ok, it is the case in WB; those zombies need to eat flesh & brains in order to ‘survive’. A man’s zombie’s gotta eat right?! The more skeletal zombies in WB will pretty much hunt down any toasty treats aka warm bodies and beating hearts.

It’s a little different story with WWZ. Sure, the zombies in WWZ bite BUT they don’t bite to eat like the classic zombie. They bite to spread the ‘infection’ far and fast. And boy does it spread!! My husband is into the old fashioned (yet still totally awesome) zombies. You know, the ones that rip apart flesh to get to the gooey insides they love so much. Because of this he had a really hard time with the 'infection' twist. I, on the other hand, didn’t have any problems adjusting to this new aged zombie.

Zombie Speed

The more human zombies in WB are slow and sluggish while the skeletal zombies are speedy buggers!

The zombies in WWZ are ridiculously fast! Seriously, if one has you in its sights you don’t really stand a chance.

Movie Genre

WB is more in the romance genre while WWZ is much more of an action flick.

My Thoughts

WB is a slower paced movie. I enjoyed the uniqueness of zombies ‘thawing’ and becoming more human but I did have a problem adjusting to seeing zombies do some very human things. In my book, zombies just do not know how to or have the ability to operate a record player. It didn’t fit for me. It is an enjoyable movie but I don’t see it becoming one of those favorites that I can watch over and over.

WWZ is a fast paced, suspenseful, and action packed. I loved that it kept me on the edge of my seat and even made me jump a few times. I spotted my fellow movie goer, Krista from Krista’s Dust Jacket, covering her mouth with her hands and even biting her nails throughout the movie (yes, I totally just outted you Krista :) ). You know it’s a good movie when you see people really reacting to it. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be watching this again. I’m even tempted to go see it in the theater for a second time…maybe in 3D this time?

Have you seen either of these movies? Which is your favorite?
Other recommendations

If you’re looking for other zombie movies I’d recommend Zombieland and Zombie Apocalypse (the one with Ving Rhames).

Zombieland is more on the lighter side of zombie movies. Sure there’s some gore but the camera looks away for some of the scenes so there’s not as much as you might expect. It’s also fairly humorous. I’ve watched it entirely too many times and I still laugh at a couple scenes.  

If you’re looking for a more serious zombie flick then try Zombie Apocalypse, there’s plenty of action and seriously how can you go wrong with a zombie tiger?!?!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ha! I believe there was some hand wringing and arm clinging too. I'm not ashamed to admit it -all signs of a good suspenseful movie!

    1. You know now that you mention it I did see you grab your hubby's arm!

  2. I liked WB but its not my kind of zombie. I can not wait to see WWZ! Seriously though... The First Days really really really needs a movie deal!
    I love Zombieland and will definitely have to check out Zombie Apocalypse! There is really a zombie tiger??!!

    1. I think you'll really like WWZ! And I completely agree that The First Days should Definitely be made into a movie!

      YES! Zombie Tiger! I was very excited when I saw it! Hubby thought I was nuts, lol!

  3. I'm hoping to see WWZ next week. I loved the book and despite the bad early press everyone seems to be loving it.

    I enjoyed WB too but it is a different take on zombies. I enjoy all the different tellings but my hubby is more of a purist.

    1. I hope you enjoy WWZ! I've heard it's very different from the book.

  4. Jen, I JUMPED TOO! I pretty much held Zack's hand the entire time and was like "NO. You can't let my hand go!" We went to see it in 3D and it was amazing. I wish we would have done Imax 3D, but we were being cheap-o's. I have to agree that WB was definitely slower paced, and I prefer the more action packed then the romantic version :P Great post!

    1. That's awesome! There were a few spots that I bet are great in 3D. I may have to think of who I can take with me if I go again.


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