Dani Spevak Series (Books 2 & 3) by Amanda Brice

Pointe of No Return (Dani Spevak Mystery #2) by Amanda Brice

When her nemesis Hadley mysteriously disappears, Dani is assigned to dance her role in The Nutcracker. But something doesn’t feel right, so Dani decides to investigate, even if it means she won’t get to perform. Will she find Hadley before the curtain rises?

Pas de Death (Dani Spevak Mystery #3) by Amanda Brice

Pas de deux (NOUN: pl. pas de deux)
1.     A dance for two, especially a dance in ballet consisting of an entrĂ©e and adagio, a variation for each dancer, and a coda.
2.     A close relationship between two people or things, as during an activity.
Pas de death (NOUN: yeah…totally made up)
1.     A dance of death.
2.     When Dani Spevak stumbles over a dead body and gets into another crazy situation.

Aspiring ballerina Dania Spevak is back home for the summer, recovering from an injury. What was supposed to be a simple day trip into New York City to visit her friends at the Manhattan Ballet Conservatory turns deadly when Dani discovers that the world of professional ballet can be cutthroat – literally.

My Thoughts on the Series:

See my review of Codename: Dancer (Dani Spevak #1) here

What I said in that review mostly applies to books 2 and 3 in the series as well. The series can be read by anyone but it feels like it’s mostly geared towards the younger end of young adult. All three books in the series are easy and quick reads.

Each book has a bit of a modern Nancy Drew feel to them. Most people would stay as far away from sticky situations as possible but not Dani, the main character, she sleuths her way through them and to the truth. I also think it’s funny (and maybe a tad irresponsible) that Dani’s grandma encourages her.

I enjoyed the dance references in books 1 and 2. The third book steers away from that little and I kind of missed it but I was still able to enjoy the dance aspect that was there.

Overall it’s an enjoyable series and one that I’ll continue to follow as new books are released.

Overall Series Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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  1. I thought they were very cute, sweet and great for young teen girls! And I loved the characters!

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