I had a dream...and I wrote it (Part 2)

This is part 2 of my dream/story. If you have to clue what I'm talking about then check out my Part 1 post.

Just a reminder, I'm only sharing this for fun. I have NO aspirations to be a writer and I'm definitely NOT a grammar expert so I'm sure it has issues. Like I said, I'm just posting it for fun. If you feel like reading it great, if not that's perfectly fine too.

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Dedication (Part 2 of 2)

She looks into his eyes and said "You are amazing. I'm so proud of you!"

She hugs him again after seeing a quick flash of doubt run across his features. She couldn't stand seeing him doubt himself.

"You really are amazing and I never doubted that you could do it. Not for a second. I know I haven't read it yet but I also have no doubts that the book is just as amazing as its author."

Somewhere in the back of her mind Cassie knew that she should let go of him but she kicked the thought to the curb in favor of holding him just a little longer.

She didn't know what was going through his head but she did notice that he wasn't letting go either. She let out a slow breath and started to pull away. The rational part of her brain must have been on a coffee break because, before she knew what was happening, she again put her hands on his cheeks. Only this time she touched her lips to his in a whisper of a kiss.

Her mind chose that moment to catch up to current events. her eyes went wide and she stumbled back a couple feet. Her hand flew to her mouth and, still in shock, she mumbled "I can't believe I did that. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

Troy looked equally shocked but quickly smoothed his features and said "I'm not."

Cassie was pretty sure she was going insane because she thought she just heard him say he's not sorry she kissed him.

Still stunned, Cassie managed to squeak out "I'm going to be committed for hallucinating aren't I?! Because there's no way you just said you're not sorry I kissed you."

Troy chuckled and said "Well before you go and get yourself locked up why don't you check out the dedication."

"The what?" Confusion slowing Cassie's reactions.

"The dedication in my book. You should look at it." Troy calmly explained.

Cassie can't comprehend the sudden light in his eyes and why he looks the most confident she had seen him in a week. She moved toward the ottoman and picked up the book. Petting the tattoo again before flipping the first few pages. She apparently couldn't help herself today.

Finding the dedication she started reading aloud.

"To my dear Cassie,
Sometimes in life we aren't able to see what's closest to us, what's meant to be. I'm sorry I didn't see you sooner but please know that I see you now. ~Troy"

Half way through her voice started to shake and by the end she was sure all remaining air had been sucked out of her lungs and she'd never be able to speak again.

She stared at the words, half convinced they would morph into a typical dedication you find in books and not her long time crush confessing...whatever it was he was confessing. Could he really feel the same as her? Is it possible?

Before she had the courage to close the book and seek out his eyes and an explanation Troy was before her. He took the book out of her hands and set it down. Her attention stayed on the book and then switched to Troy's hands as they came back towards her face.

He gently placed his hands on her cheeks like she did with him only moments ago.

"I meant it. You have always been the one for me even when I was too blinded to see it. I want to be with you." He pauses. "And I want you to know that I wrote the dedication before Marc and Liz got together."

"You did?" Cassie asked hopefully.

"I did." Troy replied.

"And you really have feelings for me?"

"I do." Troy says with a sweet smile.

"Good, then you should probably kiss me now." Cassie said with a sexy grin.

The End

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  1. "Sometimes in life we aren't able to see what's closest to us, what's meant to be. I'm sorry I didn't see you sooner but please know that I see you now."



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