I had a dream...and I wrote it (Part 1)

Last week I had a dream that stuck with me after waking. Actually it was more like one scene of a dream but still it was caught in my head. I decided to write it down just for fun. I started with a few choppy paragraphs. Then I went back to tweak what I had and add more description...rinse and repeat over and over...and next thing I know I have a 3-4 page story. Holy shit, I wrote something!

I waffled over it for a few days and eventually decided to share that story with my lovely readers. I'll be posting it in two parts. Part 1 is below and Part 2 will go live tomorrow morning.

Please keep in mind that I'm only sharing this for fun. I have NO aspirations to be a writer and I'm definitely NOT a grammar expert so I'm sure it has issues. Like I said, I'm just posting it for fun. If you feel like reading it great, if not that's perfectly fine too.

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Dedication (Part 1 of 2)

After Marc and Troy finished practices they always met Liz and Cassie back in the tiny room off of the gym to relax and catch up. They were all so comfortable together that the guys hardly ever showered first, choosing instead to hang out shirtless and sweaty. Normally Cassie would make a comment about it being such a guy thing while rolling here eyes but she decided to stop kidding herself. She loved it.

Cassie made a quick stop on the way to their room so she was the last to walk in. She looks around taking in the scene and quickly rolls her eyes at Marc and Liz sucking face on the couch. It was pretty much the only place to sit in the room so it figures they would get all comfy and leave her and Troy to fend for themselves. Obviously she still hasn't quite gotten used to the idea of them being together.

The four of them were all friends and hung out as a group pretty much every day but that dynamic had changed a few weeks ago when Marc had professed his love to Liz. As she did a thousand times before, Cassie felt bad for Troy. He stood leaning against the wall opposite the couch looking more awkward than usual. He had always been the quiet one of the group. She used to say that it was like a constant storm of thoughts brewing behind those gorgeous green eyes and one of these days some woman would learn all of those thoughts and desires. The lucky bitch would never stand a chance. She would fall and fall hard. No one in their rag tag group knew that she had always secretly wished it would be her. Unfortunately that would never be in the cards since the deck was so heavily stacked against her.

Everyone knew that Troy had had a crush on Liz since they were kids. Liz had always made it clear that she never felt anything more than friendship towards him but it wasn't hard to see that he had always held on to a small glimmer of hope that she would come around. That was until Marc and Liz became a thing.

Glancing at Troy again, Cassie couldn't help but think that there's something else bothering him. He looks like he's ready to run out of the room at the drop of a hat and really that would only take a few strides of those sexy muscled legs. She shakes her head pushing the thoughts back before they go too far and she gives herself away by blushing.

She distracts herself by sitting on the floor in front of the ottoman pushing papers, books, and laptops aside to make room to work. Her breath catches when something in the messy pile catches her eye. She reaches for the hardcover book and runs her fingers over the tattooed shoulder on the glossy dust jacket. She would know that tattoo anywhere. She didn't lift her head to look at Troy because she wasn't quite ready to mask her emotions.

A year earlier when Troy said he wanted to write a book she had absolutely no doubts that he could do it. She just didn't know he was far enough along to have a finished copy.

She knew his eyes would be on her. Troy seeming out of sorts the last few days, today especially, made so much more sense now. Without looking up she spoke to the two love birds behind her.

"Hey can I ask you guys a favor?"

"Can you give me a minute to talk to Troy?"

She was sure they hadn't spotted the book and decided she needed a private moment to congratulate him before they did.

Looking between Cassie and Troy curiously, Liz gave a short mumbled response before dragging Marc off the couch and towards the door.

After they were gone, Cassie stood up slowly and gently laid the book back on the ottoman. She finally made eye contact with Troy and confirmed what she had known to be true since discovering the book. He was watching her intently. She walked over to him and ran her finger over the intricate tattoo on his shoulder for a quick second.

She had seen that tattoo countless times when Troy and Marc practiced and then again on the book cover.  She felt a little self conscious touching him so intimately, intimate to her at least, so she then moved her arms to wrap them around his neck in a tight hug. He was taller than her, as pretty much all of the fighters were, so she raised herself on her tiptoes to give him the close hug that he deserved for doing something so great. A book, he really is amazing. After a split second, Troy bent down a little and his strong arms returned the gesture and tightly wrapping around her back.

He didn't hug often but damn when he did she didn't ever want to let go. She had to though so she slowly untangled herself from him and stepped back just a little. She then moved her hands to his cheeks in another intimate touch she really shouldn't be allowing herself.

to be continued...


  1. Damn! You dream like that???? I want your dreams!
    So who were you in the dream?

    1. Lol!! I do sometimes. Other times it's insane shit. Like going to a show and driving up steps and into the building to park. Only once inside and seated we were somehow outside and pieces of a train wreck start flying around all twister style.

      *shakes head* my mind works in mysterious ways.

      Ps I wasn't anyone in the dream. My dreams usually play like movies, I'm hardly ever a participant.

  2. I'm going to have to come back and read this when I have more time but I dream stories too. I think I've *written* two complete trilogies in my dreams so far lol

    I have NO desire to do anything about it past dreaming though.

    Karen @For What It's Worth


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