Covers At Random - The missing cover


I saw a cover a couple of days ago. It caught my eye but for whatever reason I didn’t write down the title or author *headdesk*. It’s really bugging me so I'm sending out this SOS in hopes that my fellow book nerds would help a girl out.

I don’t know what it’s about but I sketched (if you can call it that) what I could remember of the cover, which isn’t much. It’s tan I believe.  
No judging please LOL

Love you awesome nerds!!


  1. Is that suppose to be like a flytrap or something?

    1. Or is that a person with messy hair on top of a coatrack?

    2. A fly trap?!?!? *gasp*

      I didn't think my 'drawing' was THAT bad!!

    3. So it's a person on top of a coat rack?
      And I was thinking Venus flytrap.

    4. Or or or is a person suspended in air with an elec plug coming out of it butt?

      This is fun, you should do this more often!

    5. It's a female at the top and an anchor pulling her down. That's how I remember it...there's a chance I'm remembering wrong :-P

    6. Oooohhhh yeah that makes sense too LOL

  2. Haha, sorry, I thought flytrap too =(
    I do like the writing style, though, it's very calligraphy-ish. I can't say I've ever seen anything like it, though.


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