Cover Reveal: Hereditary by J.A. Belfield

By J.A. Belfield

Series: Holloway Pack Short Story
Release Date: August 13th 2014

Hereditary will be a free short story. It can also be read independently of the series.


The trouble with one-night stands: you never know who—or what—you’re sleeping with.

Being a parent isn’t an easy ride. Even more so for single mum Shelley Lewis.

When her thirteen year old son’s hormones kick in, she’s faced with his immense growth, insane sweat, and ridiculous hairiness, not to mention all the normal teenage issues.

Discovering her only son isn’t human on top of those is the shock of a lifetime, and Shelley knows she’s the only one to blame.

It may be too late to save her son from her mistakes, but she can still try to save Gabe from himself.

For fans of J.A. Belfield’s Holloway Pack series, Hereditary is a look back at the origins for characters met in Resonance.

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