Covers At Random – Middle Grade Zombie

I don’t read Middle Grade books very often but I do plan to read all of the below books because…zombie animals!! Enough said.

My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish Series
By Mo O’hara

My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish #1 Summary:

When Tom’s big brother decides to become an Evil Scientist, his first experiment involves dunking Frankie the goldfish into toxic green gunk. Tom knows that there is only one thing to do: Zap the fish with a batter and bring him back to life! But there’s something weird about the new Frankie. He’s now a BIG FAT ZOMBIE GOLDFISH with hypnotic powers…and he’s out for revenge!

My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish Series on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble
Mo O’Hara’s Website

My Zombie Hamster
By Havelock McCreely

Matt Hunter and his buddies are looking forward to Christmas—actually, they’re looking forward to receiving the latest sword-and-fantasy video game. But Matt’s parents have other thoughts—they give him a fluffy little mammal, a hamster called Snuffles, for the holiday. And his grandmother makes it worse by giving him a hamster cage and wheel. Bu the hamster isn’t all that cute—at least not after part of its cheek and belly fall right off—without bothering it a bit! And why is it staring at Matt with black beady eyes and a lean and hungry look?

Say hello to Anti-Snuffles, the zombie hamster! Or better yet, run!

My Zombie Hamster on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble

I don’t think this last cover is quiiiiiite as cute as the others but it deserves an honorable mention.

Ben Fox: Squirrel Zombie Specialist at Your Service
By Daisy Whitney

Ten-year-old Ben Fox has good friends, a great dog, and a lightning-fast little sister who drives him a bit batty. The only thing in the fifth grader’s life that’s truly annoying—well, besides having to wear braces on his feet every day—is the family’s wily Siamese cat, Percy. Ben has always suspected something was off about Percy, who has never shown him or his beloved dog, Captain Sparkles, much affection. But now he’s sure something is off—Percy has raised an army of squirrel zombies in the backyard and they’re ready to take on the dog. It’ll be up to Ben to figure out how to stop the dastardly cat before the dog falls prey to the feline’s nefarious plans, especially since Percy and his newly reanimated squirrel friends are gunning for nothing less than a full-scale Animal Zombie Apocalypse—when all the dogs start to behave like cats. If only Ben could enlist his mom’s help in the undead animal war. But his mom is petrified of things that go bump in the night, so Ben’s only hope is to team up with his little sister. The battle won’t be easy though, because squirrel zombies are the most dangerous of all…

Ben Fox: Squirrel Zombie Specialist at Your Service on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble
Daisy Whitney's website


  1. I really should try these books, they look absolutely adorable, or is that not the right thing to say about a zombie book?

    1. I agree! The covers are so stinking cute :)

  2. I bet Dakota would just love these! Thanks for posting Jen :-)

  3. I have the Ben Fox: Zombie Squirrel book :-) I wish my nieces and nephews liked these kinds of books but sadly it's just me. I don't care though - I'll read them!

    P.S. I looked up Zombeaver - OMG that looks epic!

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. I was in line with your hubby for that one. It was one of the few places I got my space bubble in the mess that was Saturday!

      Right?! Zombeavers DOES look epic!!

  4. Hehe I have the last one! I totally need to read it asap


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