Friday Foodie Affair: Frozen Yogurt Drops Recipe Review

Freezer Yogurt Drops


Your favorite yogurt flavor(s)


Sandwich baggie or cake decorating bag
Plates or cookie sheet (depending on the size of your freezer)
Wax paper



-Place wax paper over your plates and/or cookie sheet. I have a side by side freezer so I use plates. 1.5 plates per container of yogurt.

-Spoon or dump yogurt into your baggie. I’ve found that it’s easiest to dump what I can and then spoon out what’s left in the container.

-Twist baggie so you can avoid air pockets or shooting yogurt out of the top of your bag.

-Cut the corner of your baggie. Don’t cut too big of a corner or you’ll have quite the mess on your hands. The yogurt will start coming out right away so be close to your plate and ready to go.

-Place drops of yogurt on your plate.

-Once out of yogurt place plates in the freezer for about an hour. Once they’re formed just peel them off the wax paper and you’re all set.

Note: If you get yogurt with fruit chunks it will clog your bag over and over. It can get annoying and it’s also sometimes very messy if you decide to squeeze harder to shoot it out…not that I’ve done that at all. Nope, not at all.

My Thoughts:

Popcorn used to be my low calorie snack food but now I’m completely obsessed with yogurt drops. The drops keep me occupied longer than just about any other snack so it feels like I’m eating more than I actually am. Plus it’s good for you! Win, win!

You can do the same thing with applesauce but I end up being lazy and just throw the small cups in the freezer instead.

I have also seen that some people will dip fruit in yogurt and then freeze it. Sounds quite tasty!


  1. Ha! Your yogurt drops! I still haven't tried this. I have yogurt in the frig too!
    I think its time.

    Also - aren't you actually burning calories making them :-)
    I mean how many calories do you burn throwing the container in the freezer?

    1. Very true. You burn a couple calories by collecting the supplies, making them, walking to the freezer, and cleaning up.

      You really should try them!

  2. I never realized how easy it would to make these! I still have some vanilla yogurt in the fridge, I might try making these tomorrow! Thanks for the awesome idea :)

  3. These are yummy! Hubby loves them too.

    1. I had my hubby try them but I was very happy that he wasn't thrled with them! More for me!! :-D

  4. How adorable and super easy!

    1. Heh, you commented right as I was making some drops! :-P

  5. This sounds delicious like dip n dots ice cream but yogurt instead. So how long after you take them out of the freezer before they get all melty melty?

    1. Yes! You could make them really small and it would be pretty darn close to dip n dots!

      I haven't really times the meltdown, they normally don't survive last long enough for them to really melt. But if I had to guess I'd say 15-20?


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