Friday Foodie Affair: Halloween Fun Foods

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Since Halloween is creeping up on us (see what I did there?!) I decided to surf the interwebs to find a few spooky treats that would be great for Halloween parties. Each recipe name is linked to the source where I dug it up.
Seeing all of these recipes ALMOST makes me want to throw a Halloween party...almost.
Creepy little buggers aren't they?!
 Such a cool idea!
I hate peppers so these look especially gross to me!
I think these are my favorites!
This one is clever but also kind of gross, haha!
Do you have any favorite Halloween fun foods?


  1. Ha ha those are cute!
    I wouldn't touch the spiders, they look too real.
    My favs are - the pretzel webs and the strawberry ghosts!

  2. These look so delicious! I hope you got to make something just as cool and tassty!

    1. I didn't make anything Halloweeny this year :( but there's always next year!

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