A Place to Belong (Mount Brighton Cats) by Jane Wakely

A Place to Belong
By Jane Wakely
Series: Mount Brighton Cats #1
Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Silver Publishing

Maggie, a professional photographer, has always been a loner. After spending the day on Mount Brighton, her car dies. Setting out to walk for help, she encounters a mountain lion intent on keeping her where she is.

Chris is a mountain lion shifter on his way home. Nearing the road, a car catches his attention. Intense feelings arise as he realizes the woman inside the stranded car is his mate. He has to find a way to stop her from leaving.

Maggie and Chris share a strong connection, but Maggie isn’t sure if she should trust it. She has to decide whether or not to stay with Chris or let her insecurities and her past rule her future.

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My Thoughts:

I won’t say that I hated this novella but at the same time I can’t say that I loved it either. It has the potential to be a good paranormal romance but I think there is a lot missing. There could be so much more meat on the bones so to speak. Not that I’m an expert or anything even close to that, I just know what I like to read. A Place to Belong was just too…..simple for my tastes.

Everything that happens is too easy and convenient and the main character, Maggie, doesn’t seem to question anything or struggle with what she learns. This, among other things, made me like her a little less. Really, I was more interested in learning about the rest of Chris’ Pride more than I was with Chris and Maggie.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 5    


  1. That is my biggest problem with novellas - they always have that unfinished, rushed feeling.

    Glass @ Way Too Hot Books

    1. I have read some that felt like complete stories but this one just fell short.


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