Last night I was debating what I was going to post about today and I kept drawing a blank. Yes, I know that is aweful, but my reading time has been drastically downsized. I have gone from reading 35+ books a month down to around 10. On top of that my taste in books and formats has changed as well. Basically if it's not an ebook and an adult book, I don't even bother. The young adult and paranormal romance books don't hold my attention like they used to and I am too easily distracted.

So, what does this mean for me? 

Since I am only reading books on my kindle I am cleaning house! We just moved and I have 28 cases of books to sort through. There are very few that I will be keeping so most of them will be finding new homes. Some will go to the library and local bookstore, but others I will be giving away here starting next tuesday.

Upcoming Posts...
Along with the Giveaway posts I will have reviews coming for...

• Monster Island by David Wellington
• Ghost Hold by Ripley Patton
• Rise Again by Ben Tripp

While I still enjoy my zombie books as well as cowboy and rockstar romances the other books I used to crave no longer suck me in. Has this ever happened to you?


  1. I can't read the same author or same type of novel, back to back. I need variety to keep me turning pages. You read so much, you might have overloaded:) Hope you find other authors who hold your interest. And good luck on your move!

  2. I agree Judith, I have to switch it up when I read!

    Wendy, I'm curious what you thought of Wellington and Tripp, they're both on my shelf.


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