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Bookmark Swap Update (see original post)

Just a quick reminder, if you’re participating in the bookmark swap today is the deadline to have bookmarks mailed out.

Bookmark Giveaway Winners (see giveaway post)

1st place winner is…
Bella’s Bookshelf

2nd place winner is…

3rd place winner is…
Josie H

Congrats everyone!!

February’s Contest Winners

Just a quick note to all of the Blog birthday giveaway winners:

I will be sending your prizes out tomorrow if all goes well. I had planned on sending everything sooner but time has gotten away from me.


  1. I got my bookmarks!
    And I got my post up!

  2. Thank you so so much once again!! ( and i do have my favorite bookthong thanks!!!!)

  3. Thank you so much! They r awesomeness x a million! I'm already using one :)
    put pic on Twitter too <3


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