The Votes Are In

Thank you to those of you who voted!

Right now my shelves are VERY loosely organized by genre but I’m ready for a change.
Organizing by Author seems to be the front runner so it looks like I will be
redoing my shelves soon :)


  1. I'm glad people voted even though the font color (I didnt know how to fix it) made it hard to see!

  2. I posted a new poll. Again, sorry the font is hard to read but I don't know how to change it.

  3. The large shelves hanging on my wall were never organized, but I did place the books from the same authors together. When I got my little three shelf bookcase, I've just been adding books to it for the past month or so, not minding which order I put them in.

  4. jen i shud come 2 ur house and do them 4 u with all my ocd-ness :P

  5. I voted! If you click on it and highlight it you can read it.

  6. Chey, My books are sort of grouped by author, but not really. I like organization though so I figured it's time for a change :)

    Kayleigh, I could definitely use a touch OCD here! Too bad you're insanely far away!

    Thanks for voting Wendy :P

    It looks like a couple people have voted on my new poll so THANK YOU!!

  7. Oh, interesting! I organize mine by author, for now. When I get more books I think I will probably separate my YA and romance books.

    Can I just say that I am so excited that you liked the vlogbrothers video?! Yay! If you want to be a nerdfighter, than you are one! It's awesome! I watch their videos all the time. :D feel free to come chat about it anytime with me. LOL

  8. This past weekend I reorganized my books by author. I'm giving it a chance to grow on me but right now I could see myself switching back at some point.

    If anyone reading this hasn't heard of the vlogbrothers, go do a google search for their videos! I'll wait!

    Are you a nerdfighter?! I am!!


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