Swag Winner

Better make that Swag Winners!

The big winner is (according to Random.org) Meredith! Congrats Meredith!

I will also be sending a piece or two of swag to everyone who entered!
Don't you love when everyone's a winner!?

I will be emailing everyone this morning!


  1. Woo Hoo! Winners!!!
    I love the "s" on the end of that! LOL

  2. 's' is sometimes a fun letter!

    I emailed everyone from lratrandom@gmail.com so check your spam box to see if I'm hanging out in there!

  3. Haha...yeah you were in my spam! Lol. Thank you soooo much for giving all of us a little something something. My collection just seems to be getting bigger and bigger....and I love it! =D

  4. I just started "Before Happily Ever After" I am only on page 7 and my face is covered with tears!!!!

  5. You're very welcome Clarissa!

    @ Wall to wall...I told you you would like it! There's some very powerful scenes!

  6. OOPS, I meant Before ever After, minus the Happily. Because so far there is no happy.

  7. Lol, I knew what you meant. I'm really looking forward to reading your review!


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