Things I Want To Do/Places I Want To See

24 Hour Read-a-Thon
Be debt free (house, car, etcl)
Bedroom Hammock
Build a website
Buy a telescope (childhood dream)
Cage diving with sharks
Castles in Ireland
Christmas in NYC
Coliseum, Rome
Design & Build House
Don’t complain about anything for a week
Experience weightlessness
Explore a cave
Find a photography wiz to learn from
Find my dream job
Finger Lakes, NY
Fly first class
Fly a kite…as an adult
Get a tattoo…well another one
Get better with my camera
Give a 100% tip
Golden gate bridge
Grand Canyon – glass walkway (hoping to do this in 2013)
Have a caricature drawn of me
Have a mud fight…as an adult
Helicopter Ride
Hot Air Balloon
Jasper, Canada
Lake Placid, NY
Learn karate
Learn to juggle
Learn to make a candle
Learn to meditate
Live in another state
Maine in fall
Make a cookbook
New Zealand
Niagara, Canada side & behind falls
Own a fun sports car
Participate in La Tomatina
Pay for meal of someone behind you in drivethru
Photograph a tornado
Photograph published
Ride a sport bike (as passenger)
Ride gondola in Venice
Ride in a monster truck
Rock on the Range, OH
Scuba Dive
See a lighthouse
Sky jump
Stand/swim under a waterfall
Statue of Liberty
Swim with dauphins
Take a pottery class
Take a cooking class
Tulips/windmills in Holland
Visit World Trade Center once rebuilt
Volcano close up
Watch a building demolition
Water Ski
White water kayak
Try a hamburger with a donut as a bun…there’s a place in IL that has them. Talk about a heart attach waiting to happen, but it sounds tasty!


  1. I LOVE your bucket list!!!! Can't wait to watch you check them off and hear the stories that go along with your adventure!

  2. Thanks Mindy! I've had a lot of fun with it so far! And I may be tackling one or two in the near future :)

    Also thanks for following!



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